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Good Things, Small Packages


If good things come in small packages, the chickadee could be easily be the mascot for this saying. These birds seem to be everywhere, chirping and singing happily, “Chicka-dee-dee-dee.” They’re tiny. Three or four of them would easily fit into the palm of your hand. And they are almost tame enough to come and sit there. In the bird sanctuary they do just that, in hopes of getting a birdseed handout.


My late father-in-law, Harris,  used to love hearing the chickadees. He imitated their call the way he remembered it from his younger days on the east coast (where they probably had a different variety of chickadees) – “Chicka-dee-dee-dee, chicka-paw-paw-paw.”

Here he is at the bird sanctuary where we left him near the truck while we went looking for birds, meaning to call him over when we found some. But the birds came to him while we went looking. Seems he was a bird magnet with a magic touch of his own. The chickadee had no qualms about landing on his palm to eat a bit of seed, and Harris does look thrilled.


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27 thoughts on “Good Things, Small Packages

  1. They are so so pretty and sweet! I can recognize Gary in his father very well.

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  2. Wonderful Sunday nature shot…

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  3. I have been blessed by visits from these little darlings when working in the yard. They are a delight!

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  4. Thank you Anneli…tears now 🙂

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  5. Have a great Sunday, maybe in the company of many more birds,

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  6. Oh, that photo made me tear up. I love seeing his palm out with the bird on it.

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  7. Delightful Anneli, it is the little, wonderful moments that put happiness in our day xox Marsha

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  8. Wonderful photo! Chickadees are my favorite birds. They get very friendly and stay here happily all winter.

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  9. Thanks for sharing such special moments, love the photos.

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  10. What a sweet picture and a lovely recorded memory of your father-in-law.

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  11. I like birds a lot with their cheerful spirits, Anneli. Chickadees are so cute! Your father in law was a handsome man and appears gentle and kind. If you had not mentioned bird seeds, I may have called him a “bird whisperer.” 🙂

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  12. Beautiful. Brought a tear to my eye. He must have been a wonderful man, a gentle soul.

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