More Herons

Heavy gray winter sky, darker charcoal sea underneath – any boats on the waters of Vancouver Island would have to wonder if the  sky was going to press down and suffocate them. I’d be racing for the sunny gap at the south end of the channel. Is that Mexico I see there? Or at least California? No such luck.002

A trip to Mexico or California is out for now. Since I have nowhere to run to, I’ll just take a drive in the landward direction, down towards town and right through to the other side. There, at the base of the hills, are some farms where I might find something interesting. As it turns out, huge flocks of ducks flew out of the fields just as I arrived and there was hardly a living thing left except for a few swans.


But then on my way home, I saw a fine fellow in the grass. What’s he doing in a field of grasses? Look closely. See the water on the left of the photo? Where there’s water, there might be a frog or some other small creature that will make a fine lunch for our blue heron.


Isn’t he a handsome fellow?

36 thoughts on “More Herons

  1. Juanita Kelly

    Great clarity on this fellow Anneli! I loved the one from your January 13th post as well. I am telling a friend of mine, Jeff Larsen, about you. You might want to check out some of his bird photography at
    He has a new retrospective of his photojournalist and travel career at as well. Birds have been his favorite subjects since he retired and he frequents the Nisqually Reserve down here near Dawn and me. I’ve known Jeff and his wife Trish for 43 years. I was just reading his post on a trip to Eagle Nook Resort in 2004. Since it is near you, I would love your thoughts on it as I’m thinking of a visit there.

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  2. Pat

    That heron is waiting for something to move so he can have lunch. Probably wishing you’d finish what you’re doing so he can get on with it! Love the first picture, so moody.

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  3. patriciasands

    Excellent shots, Anneli! I’ve loved herons since I lived in the country on a stream for 15 years and those regal birds were daily visitors. Your photo here gives such beautiful clarity of their stunning feathers!

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      1. Lori

        I definitely have less sunshine in Chicago than I did in Florida. It’s tough to adjust, but it’s even more gray and gloomy where you live. I bought one of those lamps that give off sun rays to help me adjust. It seems to work.

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  4. Gladys Schmidt

    Anneli, I don’t have your email address in my phone. Hope this works. We are loving it here and wish we could add another week seeing the weather is so bad at home. Snorkelling is great, scenery spectacular. Could you please remind me what date our quilt retreat is? Thanks

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    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      They don’t seem to mind people coming fairly close. I think if I had come right to the edge of the field he would have flown, but I took that picture from the road next to the field and he stayed put.



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