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My guest today is Joe Eliseon. He is looking at you over his glasses because he wants to make direct eye contact with you, dear readers, as he is about to share his interesting history with you.

A Profile A51

The well-seasoned old codger looked at me sideways, stroking his clean-shaven chin.  “You know, if we hire you, you’ll be the only lawyer in the firm with a beard.”

“What is it?” I asked. “Some sort of hormonal problem?”

Honest to God, I thought it was something in the water.

Times have changed since I was in law school, interviewing for jobs. I grew my beard back then, wanting to do something women couldn’t do, at least not well. Recruiters described a law firm as “casual” and “relaxed” if they allowed you to take off your suit coat on a hot day. The constant, staccato beat of secretaries’ typewriters told the partners they were making money. Big…

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5 thoughts on “The Seamless Web

  1. I looked at the publishing company. I wonder if she has a publishing platform the is easier to use than the ones I have found. I love the titles of your books. Maybe one day I will get to read again.The problem with my reading, I do not stop.Therefore, I get nothing else done.


  2. I will go visit and then visit your next post, too. Thanks for your lovely posts to play catch up with, Anneli. I had a lot of fun with my Mom. I also worked 90 hours leading up to heading to Cleveland in 10 days! I am a little worn around the edges and went back to work this am bright and early, dear. Smiles, Robin

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