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Will You Be My Valentine?

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, our friend Bruce has a new puppy, an American Brittany. It seems to be an oxymoron to call it American if it’s a Brittany, but they retain the name “Brittany” because France is their origin. They are now also bred in the States and some traits of the breed have changed ever so slightly.  The American Brittany is slightly larger and tends to run further afield than the smaller French Brittany which works more closely to the gun when hunting. So says Wikipedia, but who is to say how much truth is in that statement, and of course there are always exceptions.

Here, the Captain is holding Bruce’s still nameless puppy. I’ve had to fade out the Captain because the little princess wanted to be the star of the show.


You can see that she is well fed. The line on the bridge of her nose is not a scar, but rather just the way her hairline goes, much like a cowlick. I wonder if she’s been near any cows….064a

Well fed or not, she is still interested in eating anything that becomes available. Like my friend’s rings. The princess has an eye for jewelry.

Eating the ring

We convinced her to try a slipper instead. She showed that she has a strong retrieving instinct when she fetched the slipper and rushed to the nearest mat for security.

Slipper chewer

Inspection time!


What’s this? A very tasty insole, with a lovely texture for her puppy teeth.


I hated to say goodbye to her, but it was so nice to have her visit.

I mentioned that Bruce has not yet named the puppy. If you have any ideas, please leave a comment to let me know your favourite name.