Quilting Retreat

Next week, I hope to tell you all about the quilting retreat I will be attending this weekend. There was a time (long ago, now) when I would never have considered spending a weekend sitting around, sewing with a bunch of old ladies.

We get wiser with age, and now that I’m one of “the old ladies” I don’t feel all that old at all, and I’ve come to realize that, even though I’m an amateur quilter, there is great satisfaction in creating something original and possibly even useful.

Today I’ve packed my threads, fabrics, rotary cutter, and my wonderful Bernina sewing machine. I’ll be bringing along material to make another quilt similar to the one in the photo below, which I made last June for the guest bed, only this time I’ll make a bigger one for my own bed.


I’m looking forward to being away from the usual housekeeping duties for three whole days. I’ll miss the Captain and the dogs, but with any luck they’ll miss me too and be happy to see me after the weekend.

If my sewing comes together, I may share my creations with you next week.

31 thoughts on “Quilting Retreat

    • I hope you won’t be disappointed by my results, Sonja. I’m going to enjoy this weekend. It’ll be basic accommodations, but the time away and having uninterrupted time for sewing will be wonderful. Have you thought about trying some quilting?


  1. A little bit of music and a glass of wine make for straight or curvy seams, whichever you fancy at the time. No one will ever notice except you, so let’s have fun and share a glass or two. Ooops, I didn’t tell you that this retreat place is a church camp. No hard stuff allowed!

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  2. How nice it sounds! I love quilts and I admire they who make them! I can’t sew [=don’t like], and I’m hardly able to put in a button. That’s an exaggeration, but … I’ve never managed to muster up an interest. Used to crochet in my younger days, and tried to renew my interest in that a few years ago. Didn’t work ๐Ÿ™‚

    Enjoy your retreat! I’m sure you’ll have fun.

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    • Maybe someday I’ll be able to make a fancy one. This weekend it’s going to be fun and lots of sewing. I’m not going to make anything to write home about but I’m taking my camera and I hope to get some good pictures of other people’s work.


  3. So funny to read this post AFTER the quilting weekend away. You mentioned in this one how nice it will be to get away from household duties. But once you went away, you were worried about things falling apart without you at home. This made me laugh a little. This quilt is such a beautiful one, such pretty colors and nice stitching, Anneli. โ™ก

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    • Oh no!! You’re so right. I had to laugh too, when I read your comment. Funny how we are so entrenched in the “running of the household” that we can’t leave it behind. What a sharp eye you have, Robin!


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