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Nature’s Orchestra


It’s early morning. I throw a jacket over my housecoat and take our two dogs outside. We have a big yard so there is no need to go far, but I do have to step outside with them or they would just huddle by the door and wait to be let back in the house for breakfast. All winter it has been cold, often with rain pelting down sideways in the wind. I’m always glad to get back in the house to warm up (and to do that before any early walkers see me).


But the other day, the air was noticeably warmer. The breeze carried a scent of trees and warming earth. The warm, pink rays of the sunrise said good morning to the snow-covered hilltops. Pussywillows on the neighbour’s willow tree seemed to have opened overnight.

The sounds around me were definitely of spring. I tried to identify each one.  No more morning stillness. I heard the calls of Eurasian collared doves, flickers, towhees, chickadees, juncos, nuthatches and two other songbirds I couldn’t identify, and of course the big indicator of spring – the robin. And right after the robin’s call came the scratchy cawing of crows. They are already cruising to find the early nesting sites of the robins so they can raid them. If they don’t get the eggs, they’ll get the chicks. Good old Mother Nature will provide well for the crows, as she does every year.

In the waters of the bay below, sea lions barked to call each other over a feed of herring while the loons filled the quiet gaps with their lonely calls.

It’s like an orchestra here on some spring mornings. The songbirds are the strings,clarinets, and piccolos, while the doves are the oboes, and the loon is the flute. The sea lions are the tubas, and the crows are the brushes, tambourines, and snare drums.

And me? I guess I could be the opera singer, calling my dogs to come in now for breakfast.


Author: wordsfromanneli

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39 thoughts on “Nature’s Orchestra

  1. Thanks for sharing your symphony! The imagery, sounds and smells are dancing through my mind!!


  2. Early spring concerts are always so good to hear. They are promising a very beautiful time to come.

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  3. long winters get old, so even the hint of spring drifting fleetingly by on the breeze ……… is glorious!! I used to be able to detect the scent of the seasons’ change upon the air whilst living in the PacNW …and soon the hummingbirds will be dashing about, I remember!

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  4. What a gorgeous view you have, Anneli. After a long and cold winter, the sights and sounds of spring are wonderful.

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  5. It has been gray and wet and windy for so long now, that any glimpse of something springlike seems like a really big deal.


  6. The bird symphony is trilling…and thrilling. And you? A soprano, huh? 🙂

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  7. It looks like spring arrived there before it has here. I’m still anxious.

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  8. Some gorgeous view you’ve got there! What part of the continent are you located? You’ve come much farther than we, here, in Atlantic Canada, even though all our snow is gone now.

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  9. Beautiful scene, beautiful sounds, beautifully poetic prose! Thanks Anneli. 🙂

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  10. It may be a bit chilly some days, but spring is definitely in the air.

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  11. This could be placed in a poem or creative arts magazine. Your title, content and descriptions make this both a professional and simply gorgeous symphony of sounds. Having played clarinet for 8 years, I have some experience of their sounds and tones. You chose apt pairings between nature and instruments, Anneli. 🙂

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  12. Such a harmonious song of nature. How lovely to listen to and settle in with the nature around you. I love those moments, as they are spiritually moving for me. Thank you for sharing yours.

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  13. I love reading your writing. It’s so relaxing I love your mother nature feeds the crows. It’s so true and yet we never send sympathy to the scavengers. OK LESSON LEARNED! Love you CROWS!!! KAW KAW!

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    • I had my tongue in my cheek when I made that comment. I wish life was not as cruel as it sometimes is. I don’t like to see the baby robins being kidnapped, especially when the crows would just as happily munch on sandwich crusts discarded on the school playground. But I have to accept the reality. Animals eat each other, and we humans are no different.


  14. It is so truly magnificent, it is hard to describe the feeling it leaves to anyone who has not seen it.

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