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Heriot Bay


At Heriot Bay on Quadra Island stands an inn that was built in 1895 by Hosea Arminis Bull. He sold it in 1926 and it was resold in 1943. After at least two more owners and several upgrades along the way, the inn now boasts bathrooms in each suite, as well as an art gallery, fireside lounge, and dining room.

The inn is at the departure point for the ferry to another of the Gulf Islands, Cortes. With each ferry ride, the lifestyles of the inhabitants go back more to a simpler (and often healthier, or at least more free) way of life –  or as we called it in the 70s, “more laid back, man.”

Here is the Heriot Bay Inn in 2016, over a hundred .years after it was first built.


 The side entrance has a special kind of decorative wall covering. I had to go up close to see what it was.


I noticed that one of the LPs was of Mario Lanza, a singer from the 50s.

Looking out from the inn, you can see the bay where the ferry docks. Very convenient if you’re staying overnight before continuing on to Cortes Island the next day.


Here we are on our way to Cortes Island. I hear they have people who live on acreages with goats running around the yard. The clotheslines are extra high. You might be able to guess why, after you’ve sat in the backyard as a guest and had a goat eat your shirt while it’s pissing on your feet. Goats will eat anything and they have no sense of modesty.


Next time you’re on Vancouver Island, why not take a side trip to Quadra and Cortes? Just be sure to bring along an extra shirt, and watch what’s going on by your feet.


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28 thoughts on “Heriot Bay

  1. Great post, love this place! I would like to stay there overnight but it’s too far away.

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  2. So cool with those records! What an idea to come up with!

    Marvellous scenery. It would be nice to go out west some time …

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love when old buildings are preserved.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. A novel idea to use the LP’s. I wonder how they survive the elements.
    Is this a fairly short ferry ride?

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  5. Looks like a wonderful place to kick back for a week or two. I think we need more “laid back” activity these days.

    I learned I didn’t have the photographer’s instinct when a goat went after my sister’s shirt tail and I, camera in hand, yelled. The photo I could have had is burned into my brain for life. I’ve heard goats are great for keeping the grass mowed. But don’t get the billys, they’re stinky. 🙂

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  6. It’s good to see that the old place has been cared for and is doing well!

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  7. What a beautiful place and those records…such a cool idea. Thanks for taking us to this lovely place, Anneli.

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  8. What a neat place! How did they do that with the records? Are they glued together or to a surface?

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  9. I loved the one hundred year old quaint and rustic inn along with the fantastic collection of album records, Anneli. The views around Vancouver Island, including Cordes Island certainly would be included if I ever were coming your way, dear. ♡

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  10. It looks like a wonderful place to stay! What a gorgeous area!

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  11. If I could ever get my butt on a plane, Vancouver, the whole of it, is my first vacation destination. So majestic.

    Liked by 1 person

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