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Vancouver Island

In the lobby of Camp Homewood this map of Vancouver Island hung high on the wall. I reached up as far as I could to take the picture but the angle is still not quite right and some of the writing is a bit blurry because of that. The copyright of the map is Quiet West Publishing and Marketing Inc. and I believe the date on it is 1992.   I’ve copied out the poem written in the space under the title of the map –  “Vancouver Island: Legendary Map.”

Where Indian secrets for centuries span;

And whales make music unknown to man,

Ships shudder and shatter beneath ominous skies,

Strong winds make lyrics of mournful cries

‘Til Nature’s ballads bring storms to rest;

And with tranquil calm this place is blest.

Now my tragic hero sings a melody to me

His sweet spirit lingers

In the heavens above the sea.

by Valerie Hayes

If you click on the map you can enlarge it and see more detail.

Just under the stern of the ship at the top right of the map, is Quadra Island.

021On the left of Vancouver Island (on its west coast) you can see images of many ships half sunk  near the shore. It is a rocky coastline and the wind can come up suddenly. In the days of sail, a ship would need space to maneuver in order to keep off shore in a blow. It’s no surprise that many of them ended up on the rocks.

Notice the killer whales milling around, ready for hors d’oevres.

The main island highway runs the length of the east coast of the island, from Victoria on the southern tip to Port Hardy near the northern end of the island.

One thing you will not find on Vancouver Island is the city of Vancouver. It is on the mainland of British Columbia. If you are surprised by this, you are not alone. Many people mistakenly believe that Vancouver is on Vancouver Island. Still others think that the provincial capital of British Columbia is Vancouver. Wrong again. The capital is Victoria and it is on the island.


Victoria’s Parliament Buildings first held official sessions in these buildings in 1898.