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Windy Days

The past ten days or so, it seems the wind has only eased in order to switch direction now and then. Yesterday, the sun tried to come out, and it was a battle between the sun and the clouds. I drove down to Goose Spit and looked out at the open water. After huge amounts of rain, our usually bright blue sea has turned brown with the river dropping silt into Comox Bay. Do you see any living thing in this photo?


I turned 180 degrees to take a picture of the beach in the other direction. Over the water next to the bluffs, the eagles have been taking advantage of the wind. They have been gathering in great numbers, soaring and gliding on the breezes. It’s mating time and also herring harvest time. Perhaps the eagles are accomplishing more than we know. They can see where the herring are spawning close to shore, providing plenty of food for them at this time. At the same time, some of the eagles have been playing “boys chase the girls” back and forth across my backyard, which isn’t too far from these bluffs.038

Earlier, feeling rather foolish, I took a picture of the sky from my backyard. I was only able to capture small portions of the wheeling flocks. I count thirteen eagles here. I thought there were more at first but they were dust specks on my monitor.


On the inside waters of Goose Spit, a couple of fellows took advantage of the stiff breeze to go for a ride on their kiteboards.


The kiteboarder in the green outfit had a great time. He was racing toward the land and I was hoping he knew how to stop in time. Seems he wanted to fly like an eagle while doing a fancy turn in the air.


For a second I thought he was taking a bath after that daring turnaround, but no, he was on his feet and powering out of the splash. Piece of cake!


And here he comes again for another run while the wind and his energy last.