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Windy Days


The past ten days or so, it seems the wind has only eased in order to switch direction now and then. Yesterday, the sun tried to come out, and it was a battle between the sun and the clouds. I drove down to Goose Spit and looked out at the open water. After huge amounts of rain, our usually bright blue sea has turned brown with the river dropping silt into Comox Bay. Do you see any living thing in this photo?


I turned 180 degrees to take a picture of the beach in the other direction. Over the water next to the bluffs, the eagles have been taking advantage of the wind. They have been gathering in great numbers, soaring and gliding on the breezes. It’s mating time and also herring harvest time. Perhaps the eagles are accomplishing more than we know. They can see where the herring are spawning close to shore, providing plenty of food for them at this time. At the same time, some of the eagles have been playing “boys chase the girls” back and forth across my backyard, which isn’t too far from these bluffs.038

Earlier, feeling rather foolish, I took a picture of the sky from my backyard. I was only able to capture small portions of the wheeling flocks. I count thirteen eagles here. I thought there were more at first but they were dust specks on my monitor.


On the inside waters of Goose Spit, a couple of fellows took advantage of the stiff breeze to go for a ride on their kiteboards.


The kiteboarder in the green outfit had a great time. He was racing toward the land and I was hoping he knew how to stop in time. Seems he wanted to fly like an eagle while doing a fancy turn in the air.


For a second I thought he was taking a bath after that daring turnaround, but no, he was on his feet and powering out of the splash. Piece of cake!


And here he comes again for another run while the wind and his energy last.


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42 thoughts on “Windy Days

  1. Oh yes, I see that poor little bird hanging on, Anneli. I agree, the kiteboarder appears to be having a blast. Gorgeous photos!

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  2. That’s a lot of eagles in one spot! Makes me happy they’re off the threatened species list. I’ve never seen that many at the same time, but I could, if I were to go out to the city landfill here. I’ve seen pictures from it, and they really flock there. One flew by yesterday, out on the beach, but then I had only the iPhone. Today, I had the real camera and he didn’t show 🙂

    They seem to have so much fun, those guys with their kiteboards 🙂

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  3. Goose Spit is a cool place. I loved to go there when it was really stormy.

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  4. Oh, dear Anneli, Goose Spit? People are going to start wondering why I’m chuckling to myself. 🙂 I think our eagles have gone off to their breeding range. I haven’t seen them for several days. They’ll be back. The kiteboarding looks like fun, but I don’t think I’d be out there with out a dry suit. That water looks a little chilly.

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  5. My goodness, what a surprise to find you and pictures of my old home, Comox! I misspent many youthful nights at the Spit and as a tween running up and down the dunes which I know from a recent visit are now protected. Is that the Mac Laing house in the background of the last photo? I was sad to see how it is in such disrepair on my visit last summer. I hope there are plans to restore it and bring it some kind of relief. My fit husband and one of my daughters got their daily exercise running up and down the stairs that go up to the road. Ah. Nice memories.

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    • I think it must be. That’s by Mac Laing Park. It’s just west of the road down to Croteau Beach. You can’t have been gone long if the stairs were in place when you were here. Glad to have you on my post.


      • The stairs are all fancy these days but when I was a kid in the 70’s they were made of driftwood and sand. Mostly we just tumbled down from the road above (Hawkins Rd?) or hiked at low tide along the beach from the marina which was more of a working fishing wharf than the pleasure crafts it moors now.

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  6. Those moments when the world is at peace with itself are such amazing gifts…Love your photos.

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  7. Ah..Goose Spit! Yearning for a long walk right now:)
    My son is a kiteboarder and you have to be quite fit and also wear the proper gear. Lake Superior is icy cold and he wears a head to toe wet suit..just his nose and eyes peeking out.
    Beautiful photography Anneli.

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    • Thanks, Dawn. For sure you have to be fit, and it’s not the kind of activity you can do once or twice a year and hope to keep in shape. I admire Scott for taking it on and getting his thrills from kiteboarding. It really looks like fun.


  8. You reminded me of the winds that we had in March when I was kid. They were eagerly anticipated because in those days every kid had a kite.

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    • So it’s true – that old Knock, knock joke. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Marshal. Marshal who? Marshal come in like a lion and go out like a lamb.
      Every March it must have come in like a lion for your kite flying. Nice memories.


  9. First of all….beautiful photos! Secondly, a big GROAN for that knock knock joke! 🙂 Those kiteboarders are really amazing to watch. We have some here in Parksville now and then, but only when the waves are extra large and the wind is very strong.

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  10. Yes, just a few years younger …
    Beautiful pictures! The little bird seems to like it there. I still hear the winds roaring when I look at your photos.

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    • And they were still roaring for quite a while. This morning (two days after I took these pictures) it is calmer and should stay that way for about eight hours and then it’s more of the same.


  11. Your comment about some of the “eagles” being specks of dust on your monitor made me laugh. After I had my cataract surgery and lens implants, I had lots of what I call “pepper grain floaters.” I still have a few — they come and they go. But in the beginning, I always was looking at the sky and thinking I was seeing birds. Nope — just my eyes playing tricks on me.

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    • I remember my dad saying there were “no see’ums” (those tiny flies) in the room, and we assured him there were none. It wasn’t until I had eye problems similar to yours (and his) that I realized what he must have been seeing.


  12. Hey, I just posted a comment, but I don’t see it. I don’t know what happened. I apologize if this is a duplicate. I had said that your neck-of-the- woods would be a perfect place to live if not for the lack of sunshine. Such beauty there. I can’t imagine seeing flocks of eagles. I only saw two in the wild once in Florida, and I was squealing with excitement. I don’t think I’ll ever see them where I live now, but my dad has a cabin in the woods in Wisconsin. Maybe I’ll see eagles when I visit there some time.

    Thanks for the lovely photos. I hope that kite-sail guy was wearing something warm. (P.S. It’s been windy here lately, too).

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    • This is the only comment of yours that showed up, Lori, so you aren’t repeating yourself. I never considered that other people wouldn’t see eagles in such numbers. We’re so used to them here. We have a lot of fir trees around our property and the eagles land in them often, squealing and chirping. It’s nice to hear them, as long as they don’t try to check out my dogs. Ruby is big enough that they wouldn’t try it, but Emma is quite small. So far it seems they’re more interested in eating herring roe or whatever else washes up on the beach.
      Today is one of the first days when it isn’t really windy – just a tiny breeze – but we are told not to get used to this sunny gap in the week. We get lots of sunny days in the summer though. Maybe too many!

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  13. I liked the clouds looking luminous, gloomy and like layers, Anneli! I did spy a bird or two, I think. The one on top of a post and the seagull flying and soaring. Did you ever read or hear of the book, “Jonathan Livingston Seagull?” It had a bit of poetry in it, while being rather the “rage” to put on coffee tables. I don’t remember reading too much of it, though. Maybe I wasn’t a poetry lover until I grew up a bit. Take care and yes, I wish I were younger since the parasailing and/or the kiteboarding looks quite fun! 😀

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    • Yes, I remember that book being all the “rage” but in those days I was busy working and didn’t have much spare time, especially for seagulls whose beauty I didn’t acknowledge until much later. To me, they were the scavengers who, along with the crows, picked at the food wrappers the kids dropped on the school playground. Retirement gives me the leisure time to accept that there is some beauty in most things.

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  14. So beautiful, Anneli. As usual, I’m so jealous of your water, especially since I am a Cancer (astrology). In that first photo, I suspect there is a lot of life hiding there just below the surface.

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    • There is! Just off the top of my head, I can think of sea lions (I hear them barking all the time), herring, and salmon, and then there are all the thousands of smaller species of living things in the sea.


  15. I really like your shots!

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