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Snow Up High


The weather forecast was for another rainy night of high winds. Earlier in the week, our power had gone out three times overnight and we braced ourselves for yet another blow. We were lucky this time and although it rained and was ugly, most of the system passed to the south of us. I felt bad for those people who were hit with winds over 100 kms/hr and lost their power, but at the same time I was thankful we were spared.

A few days ago, the hills had only a touch of snow left at the highest elevation. But all that new rain had come down as snow way up there. I felt sorry for any animals living in the woods on the hillsides, yet selfish to think how pretty the snow looked in the morning light. I’m sure all the skiers were overjoyed. It must have been amazing to ski the next days.005

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25 thoughts on “Snow Up High

  1. Lets go skiing! It’s been snowing in the mountains big time this week. 🙂

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  2. Maybe one last look at new snow? We’ve had an inch or so the last two nights, but here too there was pretty good snow up high.

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  3. Our weather’s been a bit like yours but without the mountains. The power has flickered a few times, fingers crossed. Will be glad when the wind dies down. I do so enjoy looking at your mountains! Thanks, Anneli. 🙂

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    • I don’t like the wind or the power outages that come with it. I don’t think I minded power outages as much before we had computers, but now it’s a major inconvenience. Good day today though.


  4. What an incredible photograph, Anneli. I’m happy the storm headed to the south.

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  5. A fresh fall of snow is so pretty.

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  6. Snow is always so pretty to look at from far away, especially if there is a mountain underneath. We still have snow on the ground in the early mornings but in the afternoon we can look at the tulips half way up and the anemonies etc. Those are a bigger joy for my eyes at this time of the year. Love “your mountain”!

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  7. Nice light in that photo.

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  8. I love this photo. The way the light plays on the trees and the snowy meadows is just beautiful. We had some very high winds as well, and our lights did blink a few times. Thankfully, our area was spared in the power outage epidemic! Whew!

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  9. Beautiful–especially from afar :)!!!

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  10. Anneli, what a fabulous photo!! love it!!

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    • It was wonderful to see it the morning after the last big storm. We only had rain but it was all snow on the hills, and then the sun came up and bathed it in pink light. I didn’t capture the best of the pink part but it was beautiful. Now the lower part of the hills is green again.


  11. Get your skis on Anneli! Looks fab

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  12. The peachy golden glow upon snow frosting was gorgeous, Anneli. I missed saying on your post, Happy St. Patrick’s Day. So happy you had a lovely view to enjoy!

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