Spring Has Sprung

I’ve been impatiently awaiting signs of spring this year. I don’t have many daffodils in the yard, but this bunch always comes up in the same spot at the side of the driveway. Daffodils make me think of my mother because many years ago, as a new Canadian, she could never get the name right and always called them daffy-dolls. It still makes me smile today.


I find the narcissus prettier, but I don’t have many of these either. Just this one precious bunch.


The sun was out for a change, so I rushed around taking a few quick pictures. The azalea shrub I bought for $5 at Buckerfield’s Feed Store over twenty years ago is still going strong. Buckerfield’s, sadly, is not. They went out of business a long time ago.


The primroses are a gift from a friend who was getting rid of extras. They seem happy here. Thank you, friend.


I was about to put the camera away when I noticed that “the nice light” had come out. So I have to include a couple more photos with the evening sun shining on the trees. The maple is just getting its first leaves. This winter was cool, damp, and dark, and the moss on its bark grew rampantly.


The firs that strike terror into my chicken-heart when they sway and roar during storms look beautiful today with the warm setting sun on them.


I was about to come back into the house when I saw that I’d been watched – for quite some time, judging by the steamy glass pane on the screen door.

“What are you doing out there?” she asks. “Can anybody play?”


43 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung

  1. Awww … these are fabulous, colourful photos!!! But still, I really loved the dog picture …

    “New Canadian”, you say … this leads me to ask; your first name is not so common in North America, but in my country it’s extremely common. What’s the origin of it, in your case?

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        • Oh, I see. My first name. Well, that’s a funny thing, that you know many Annelis in Sweden. I think that in my life I have only met maybe three other Annelis. I hated my name because it is mispronounced so often. People often call me “a nelly” instead of “anne li” and I feel sorry for them having to struggle with how to pronounce it but I’m even sorrier for myself, suffering these awful names. Maybe I should move to Sweden!
          My mother said she named me after a girl in a movie. That Anneli was always late. When her boyfriend broke up with her she was going to fly someplace to get away, but the plane crashed. The boyfriend was distraught, but then he found out Anneli had survived – because she was late again and had missed the plane. In spite of that story, I have always tried to be on time for things.

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          • Oh my … well, for me, it understandably comes natural … the pronunciation 🙂 Had it been spelt Anne-Lee it might have been different, but then it’s a whole different name. Late 60’s/early 70’s it became incredibly popular there … don’t know why. That was such a fun story, about your mother and the film 🙂

            Do you remember any German?

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    • Yes, I can still speak and write it because my mother took so long to learn English (not working outside home), so she insisted we speak German at home. She used to give me spelling lists in German just for fun (and she made learning fun).

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      • That’s great …growing up with two languages. I used to be almost fluent in German, but not anymore. Haven’t had any practice for many years now. When I listen to it, I have no problem understanding, but speaking, nowadays …nah! 🙂


  2. Beautiful flowers and a beautiful memory. Best of gems.

    Bit worried about that Maple. I know Spanish Moss can kill a tree, is Canadian moss okay?

    Gotta love that face! Emma is such a sweetie. 🙂

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    • I’m sure the moss is not good for the tree, but it’s not the kind that hangs like hair or blooms (which is what Spanish moss does (according to Wikipedia – I had to go look it up, quick!). The tree seems to be healthy enough. Would definitely be healthier without the moss.

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    • We’ve had so much of that heavy rain and lots of wind this winter. I’m surprised to see a few early flowers popping out, but happy that this winter is ending at last. At least you’ve got some buds, so it will happen soon!


  3. Primrose..one of my very favorites.
    Remember the sweet song of the 50 ies??
    “Primrose Lane, Life’s a Holiday on Primrose Lane with you!”

    Love the photo of Emma…yearning for her Mom and play time.

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    • That’s funny. I remember it in a cruder way. “Spring has sprung. The grass has riz. I wonder where the heck it is.” Doesn’t make a lot of sense, but soon enough there will be plenty of grass for mowing. Then we’ll be sorry!!!


  4. Well, I have to throw my two bits in. “Spring has sprung, the grass has riz. I wonder where the flowers is.”
    As far as your photos go, I guess the flowers are at your house! 🙂 I have lots of blossoms here as well. So nice to see the sun shining today. I love the photo of the fir trees with the setting sun shining on them. However, I must say, Emma does steal the show. Such a sweetheart.

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  5. Such pretty pictures! I love the daffy-dolls! So cute. This weekend I’m hosting my moms 80th birthday party, and she requested having her favorite flowers there, daffodils 🙂 Jenny


  6. Since the subject has come up, I wondered if you pronounce the “e” in your name. Where I’m from the name Ann would be pronounced the same whether or not there was an “e” on the end. If there’s an “a” on the end that would be pronounced. But I grew up with enough German descendants to know that’s not always true. So, help! 🙂

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    • Yes, the “e” is pronounced but only like an unaccented “uh” (that’s if you pronounce the “A” the Canadian way as in “cat,” but in German it sounds more like “UN-neh-lee.” I don’t know why they couldn’t have just called me Linda or Mary or something easy!

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  7. Adorable photograph of your “dear” one. “Love” your mother’s precious use of the word, “daffy-dolls.” That’s what they should be named. Buckerfields’- ah yes. I remember occasional visits to purchase top soil and plants.

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  8. I liked the name your mother gave the daffodils, Anneli. ❤ So precious is every memory of a family member gone on to where there are probably acres of flowers, birds, creatures, butterflies and rainbows, I loved the primroses from a friend and the pretty flowering azalea from the store long gone by. I enjoyed the beautiful golden glow on the trees that cause you to fear during storms. That pup is a sweetheart, the window pane is definitely showing the breath of her nuzzle, Anneli! :_

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    • LOL It gave me a chuckle anyway. One thing I realized from your comment is how so many plants in our gardens have a story of their own. Maybe that’s what’s so beautiful about gardening. I have some lovage in my garden (the plant they make the veggie version of OXO from). My mother gave me a piece of that plant (sent it by mail up to the Queen Charlotte Islands) where I planted it and shared it with many friends, dug up part of it to bring back to Vancouver Island with me, planted it in every place we’ve lived and shared it with more friends. It still grows in my backyard these 40 years later. Plants definitely have history.

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  9. I went wild with daffodils and planted dozens of new bulbs every fall when we lived in Maryland. Now, every spring I wonder how my daffodils are doing long to go back and see how much they have spread since we moved away. We have lovely flowers here in the Florida Keys, but my favorite harbinger of spring is not one of them. Thank you so much for sharing your spring with us. p.s. The primrose is amazing!

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