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Like a Lamb


This year, March came in “like a lion,” as any herring fisherman will tell you.


They must have had some terrible days even in these relatively sheltered waters. I know I would be so seasick if I had to be out there.

But at the end of March I took some pictures of the same area and it was a very different story. It was early morning and the sun would be creeping over the horizon momentarily. Its warm glow already lit up the few stragglers of the clouds that had blown through overnight.


It was still  early, but when I looked more closely, I saw a partial yellow globe.


No, it’s not the sun. That’s the waning moon. The sun was rising far to the east of it, shining on the clouds around the moon. In the stillness of the dawn the sun sent poetry rays to me:

“Oh Moon, I guess you think you’re cool

To sashay round that cloud,

But keep on moving, you old fool,

While I shine warm and proud.”

The next day, also early in the morning (I’m out there because that’s when the dogs have to go out), the sun was rolling up its sleeves, ready to get to work and warm this corner of the earth. I welcomed it and told it to stay as long as it wanted.



In these last days of the month, March truly went out “like a lamb.”

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34 thoughts on “Like a Lamb

  1. Your photos are so beautiful, Anneli. March went out last night like a lion with heavy storms. I’m hoping April is more calm.

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  2. Funny — March went out with some good storms for us, too, although to be precise, they occurred 4-1/2 hours into April. Still, it’s a beautiful morning, and the birds sound no worse for wear. It won’t be long before I’ll see the sun, too. Your photos are beautiful: such pretty colors.

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  3. Gorgeous photos! There’s nothing like the morning light … I should have a dog! That would force me to get out 🙂

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    • Sometimes that can be a millstone! Try having two dogs that “have to go” and it’s screaming wind and the rain is coming sideways.


      • That, I often think about, when the streets and sidewalks are covered with ice, as they often are here … and I watch the dog owners in the morning. Dogs aren’t allowed in this building, and we have a cat already 🙂


  4. Soooo beautiful. I love lambs, and months that feel as soft as a lamb. Unfortunately, our April is going to set a lion on us this weekend – snow and cold rain. 😦

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  5. Stunning photos, Anneli and also beautiful words. I particularly liked the sun was rolling up its sleeves. 🙂

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  6. Nice captures of beautiful light conditions!

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  7. Beautiful early morning pictures. I can feel Spring! Nature getsback to its beauty (if only we would too).

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  8. Your photos are beautiful. They really captured the calm and stillness of the early morning. 🙂

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  9. Oh, Anneli! The sky photos were gorgeous! So glad you captured the waning moon and I love how you were inspired by the beauty and Moon. You aren’t an “old fool” nor is the Captain. ❤

    Here are two sayings along our lake, do you also say them about the fishermen? 🙂

    Red skies at night, sailor's delight.
    Red skies in morn,' sailors be warned?
    Hugs, Robin xo

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    • We have it very similar: Red sky at night, sailors’ delight. Red sky at morning, sailors take warning. I guess in this case they should have taken warning but they turned out to be good days both times when I took these pics.


  10. Anneli, such beautiful photos. I thought Arizona had the sunrises and sunsets locked up, but I guess not.

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  11. Awesome photo of that moon at dawn. Our March came in like a lamb with temps in the 60’s, and April came in like a lion. We’ve had snow twice since April 1st and we are forecast for more. The good news is, the white stuff just leaves a dusting and then melts. Always enjoy the photography.

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  12. Hi Anneli, My my, what fun, I’m sitting reading many, many of your blogs – so entertaining, fun and pleasure , reading your witty wordsfromanneli and enjoying your glorious photography. So glad you share what amuses you in your beautiful day. You’re living life well and sharing your wealth. Keep on dear Anneli, you are appreciated and smiled at. Certainly all the good you do for others will come double to you, Hugs, Marsha

    Sent from my iPad


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