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A Beach Too Far


“Stopstopstopstopstop!” I called. I rolled down the truck window and snapped a few pictures. The smell of the sea wafted in. Not that awful iodine smell of low tide, but the salty aroma of sea grasses and wet logs. A couple of pairs of mallards gabbled in duck-talk and waddled their duck-walk. A great blue heron stayed out of zoom range near the Canada geese who held a honking good conversation at the distant water’s edge.

I would have missed all this if I hadn’t insisted on capturing this photo. As I rolled the window up, the Captain said, “I could live here.”

“Me too,” I said, “but remember about 30 years ago we almost bought a place near here? We’d have peace and quiet and all this beauty, but it’s twenty miles to town if I ran out of cream for my coffee.”

“Or coffee for your cream.”

“Yeah.” We sighed. “Too far….”


Author: wordsfromanneli

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14 thoughts on “A Beach Too Far

  1. We know this feeling!!!

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  2. Beautiful! At least you only have to drive 20 miles to see it. 🙂

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  3. I don’t think I would mind the 20 miles.

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  4. Too remote for this city girl.

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  5. We have lots of places like this around, and when we’re out for a spin I often ask myself: “could I live here?” The answer is always “no“ … it would be wonderful to sit there and enjoy the storms in the Fall … listening to them roar, but in the long run: too remote for me.

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    • It would be great, until you have to go get groceries or check on the boat which would be at the wharf 20 miles away.
      As for the loneliness of the lifestyle, I could handle that just fine. I keep busy with my writing and sewing and gardening. But for a total package, it wouldn’t work for me. Lovely place to visit though.


      • My brother lived with his family, out on an island for several years. As the kids grew up, with all the different activities, catching the ferry all the time became a burden.

        The lifestyle wouldn’t bother me at all either!

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        • That’s how it is here too with some of the Gulf Islands. They are a beautiful place to live but when it comes to kids wanting to participate in sports or other activities the ferry ride becomes a limiting factor. Also when people get older and begin to have health problems, they don’t like to be so far from access to medical help. It’s really a lifestyle for young(ish) adults.


  6. It can be critical, depending on the case. I suppose here they would send for the air ambulance if necessary.


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