Sliding in the 50s

Okay, I know I’m dating myself, but how do you do a Throwback Thursday post without being thrown back into those old days along with it?

Remember these old-fashioned slides? It was quite a climb to get to the top and I can only imagine how cold the metal of the slide must have been in this scene. Winter in Dawson Creek was no joke. This was probably a milder day of only  10 or 15 below zero. I must say my father was kind to take us to this park, which was quite a walk from where we lived. My mother would have been at home with my younger sisters. My father was the one with the camera in those days.

There weren’t many structures in the playground and it all looks rather bleak, looking back now. But for my brother and me, it was probably the highlight of our day. Certainly the “high” part.


We must have liked climbing on things, and, lacking more playground equipment, old farm machinery would do just fine.


I’m surprised at how happy we looked in this godforsaken place.

22 thoughts on “Sliding in the 50s

  1. That particular slide was quite high (when you’re little, big things look bigger), and I remember thinking it was a bit scary to climb up there, but such a ride down! And what a great idea for your father to make up that DVD. It would be a shame to lose those old memories.


  2. I don´t think I was ever on a slide, maybe its time to do it one day before I am gone. There are almost no pictures of my childhood days and the ones I have don´t show me on a slide. I love the very happy faces of you and your brother, just makes me happy.

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    • It’s such a shame not to have pictures of childhood days. But you have the memories. Yes, we looked happy there. It’s funny that I don’t remember being happy so much as I remember always being cold.


  3. Oh, I remember the slides. They built a playground not far from where we lived, but not until I was at least ten. In the wintertime there was a hockey rink too, but we girls had very little access to it.

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  4. I would have loved to have farm machinery to climb on! There weren’t any parks in walking distance, but my mother would occasionally allow herself to be talked into a drive to the park. We kept busy. Children can usually find ways to entertain themselves. 🙂

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  5. I really like when you talk about memories, Anneli. I remember my own children climbing tall metal slides and squealing on the way down. Did you ever ask your mom for waxed paper to get it to be slicker and faster? 🙂
    You and your brother look like my cousins who were blonde and took after our Swedish grandpa. You were so cute and looking happy.

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