35 thoughts on “A Play Date

    • Ruby was frustrated, but she would have been annoyed at having another dog get so much attention. We thought it was safer for Cricket if Ruby was in the kennel. Ruby wouldn’t have done much to her, but even a shoulder check would hurt a frail dog like Cricket. And anyway, Cricket was scared so we just too Ruby out of the equation for a while.


    • She’s grown all right, but Emma is full grown and Cricket is about that size now, with a few more months of growing to do. I think she’ll get a bit bigger than Emma, at least in height. Cricket is fine-boned whereas Emma is like a little tractor.


  1. So fun! Cricket is adorable. My nephew has a Brittney he hunts with. I wish my Max would learn to play nice with other dogs. We have to keep him away from them because he shows aggression … serious aggression. ;-(

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    • I think that’s often the case with male dogs. They get very protective and territorial, but our Ruby is a bit that way too. Not so she would bite anyone but she’d make her presence known and bully a younger dog coming into her territory. Outside of her own place, she’s fine.

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  2. I like your Emma, allowing the puppy to be in charge, even letting her paw rest on her head~
    “I dub you Dame Emma.”
    Cricket is a clever name and I am glad we get to see your creative and fun captions to go with their visit together.
    Do Emma and Ruby get along well? I liked the “wheelbarrow pillow “bed” with your dogs while the pillows were airing out in the sun” post. 🙂

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  3. Love Brittany spaniels! Check out my blog for tips on how to train your new puppy (: I have a 10 month old Brittany and they are amazing dogs!


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