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Desert Camping, Hot Love


I’ve copied this post from my other blog, https://annelisplace.wordpress.com/ in the hopes that I could interest my wordsfromanneli followers to check out my second blog. That blog is dedicated mainly to authors, writing, and books, but it need not be of interest only to writers. Without readers, we writers are like rudderless ships.

Please indulge me the copied post this time, and please do go visit my other blog if you feel the slightest interest in writing-related topics. Check out the archives in https://annelisplace.wordpress.com

I wanted to tell you how it came about that I wrote the book Orion’s Gift, so if you’re still with me, here it is:

While camping in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, I noticed a woman sitting alone in a van parked near the beach. I never saw her get out of her vehicle. She sat in the driver’s seat most of the time, listening to audio tapes and chain smoking cigarettes.

armenta (1)

The beach was beautiful, the sun shone every day, the water was clear and inviting, the place was a paradise. Why would she not get out and inhale that fresh air, go for a walk or a swim, or enjoy this little bit of heaven? I certainly did.

Anneli 4

It puzzled me and I wondered what her story was. Her plates said San Diego. I mulled over many scenarios. Why was she alone? Why did she never get out of her van? Was she trying to kill herself with the first and secondhand smoke in the enclosed vehicle?

The seeds  of a novel were germinating in my head. A California girl comes to Baja alone. But why? I would make her health-minded, young, and beautiful. Yes, the character was taking shape in my head.

palapa 2

She would need to find a love interest, but who would be down here on his own and why? Men come to Baja alone, looking for … something ….

Each of the characters had good reasons for being on the run, but would that interfere with them starting a new relationship? What if the attraction was so strong, they couldn’t resist?


But what if their past troubles are coming after them? Will the new lovers stick together? Will they panic, split, and run to escape their pursuers? And what about that drug runner who is out for revenge for a slight on the road?

sunset at La Perla

Life could be so perfect, if only those nasty people from their past weren’t coming after them.

For a gripping story of love and suspense wrapped up in a Baja adventure, why not spend a big $2.99 and download Orion’s Gift from amazon.com or smashwords.com today?

Cover design for Orion’s Gift is by Anita B. Carroll. Thank you, Anita for a great cover image. You can contact Anita at anita@race-point.com


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18 thoughts on “Desert Camping, Hot Love

  1. Why don´t you come along with me for the next holiday? I won´t need to take a book along then.
    Perfect cover, love it all

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  2. Sounds exciting, Anneli. I’ll certainly add this to my TBR list. The cover is fabulous and I love your photos too.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Beautiful pictures!


  4. I have an interest but use the computer at the library or my cell phone, dear. I have placed requisitions for the three books that you have, I believe. All are beautiful and I just know they are special inside, too. Thank you for still reading my posts, I haven’t bought anyones books since I blog. I don’t want to make some jealous. . . If I were to ever meet you in person, I would pay you to sign one of each! Smiles, Robin

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  5. Oh, the photos look like they belong in an island advertising campaign! Very professional and also kind of “moody” and some are “romantic!” 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Those were taken when we camped there. We did two almost three-month trips and took a lot of pictures but that was before I had a better camera. It’s a beautiful place though, in a bare bones, rugged way.


  6. These photos are professional. Full stop.

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  7. Very nice. I can see how your imagination got going by watching the woman. I guess you never found out …

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  8. It’s amazing how far our minds will take us when we use those words Who, What, Where, When, How and Why. I enjoy reading your blogs. They seem to push and motivate me. Thank your for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for that interesting comment, 1kayaker. I did have a lot of questions about what was going on in that desert camping spot and it turned into a romantic novel with action inspired by what was happening all around us when we did our extended camping holiday to Baja.


  9. FABULOUS! Simply stunning. Congrats!!

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