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Fanny Bay Sea Lions


A while back, I posted another sea lion article. It was closer to herring time, early spring. March 4, 2015. In that post, I talked about the kinds of sea lions we have and why they are here. If you would like to have another look at it, click here.

So today I was driving by the same location, but there were fewer sea lions. Only a dozen of them this time. Still, it was a photo op and I couldn’t resist. Here they are lying on the big floating tanks that serve as a breakwater just out from the fishermen’s wharf at Fanny Bay on Vancouver Island.


The one on the far left has an itch he’s trying to scratch.


The same fellow is sitting up tall and is about to do an amazing back bend


Can you do that? Lean back and give your fanny a kiss?


The old bull with the white face is deep asleep, drooling, and dreaming of salmon he’ll steal right off the hooks of the commercial fishermen. If he only knew that his buddies  up north in Haida Gwaii were already having a smorgasbord orgy, he might get up and start making his way up there. Reports are that the fishing guides are frustrated because their customers can’t land a fish. The sea lions are there to take the spring salmon off the fishing lines as soon as the sporties hook one.


But maybe ignorance is bliss.

What is contentment, you ask? You’re looking at it!



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25 thoughts on “Fanny Bay Sea Lions

  1. they are so sweet and look very happy

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  2. they look so happy and peaceful –

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  3. They look so sleepy. 🙂 Great shots, Anneli!

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  4. Those sea lions have the right idea – sit back, relax, and enjoy the view!

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  5. Nice post, I love the last photo!

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  6. They are pretty cool to see! It has been a long time since I’ve seen them. I used to enjoy it.

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  7. If only we could relax like that.

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  8. I guess when you live wild you have to take your relaxation where you can. 🙂 Don’t they get hooks in their mouths when they steal fish like that? I’d think that would be discouraging.

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    • I’ve seen sea lions sitting on the rocks sunning themselves and they have a garland of commercial fishing gear around their necks, flashers dangling like necklace pendants. When they grab a fish from the commercial boats, the sea lions often rip off the gear when they shake the salmon. The fisherman is not happy as gear is quite expensive, but the sea lions don’t necessarily get hooked because they shake the salmon so vigorously that the fish breaks apart into smaller pieces. Sometimes the hooks may find their way into the sea lions’ flesh, but it doesn’t seem to be a big issue for them. Have you noticed how scarred up many of the sea lions are? I think they’re pretty tough.


      • I’ve never seen a sea lion outside of a zoo. That is pretty fierce!

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        • We had one right beside the boat when we were anchored on the west coast of the Queen Charlottes one time. The water was really clear and we could see him swimming and looking so graceful. Not at all what you would think after seeing them on land. But give them a fish and they can easily shake it apart into a few bite-size pieces (huge for them).


  9. I can’t get over how normal it is for you to have such nature around you. I’ve never been exposed to things like that. And boy, what great models they are! Of course, I grew up in the suburbs of a big city. In Florida, the best I saw was dolphins swimming along the coastline. It happened almost every time we made it to the beach, and I love dolphins.

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  10. I was back here looking over the relaxed, nearly “dormant” sea lions!

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