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Does Size Matter?


Which is bigger? A butterfly or a bird? Without seeing pictures, you would probably say a bird. But take a look at this Eastern tiger swallowtail, having lunch with Phil  and Adele (philadelphus) who are feeding it mock orange.


Taken by yours truly on Vancouver Island.

Seems my friend Juanita had the same idea today. She was out capturing giant butterflies today too! It’s a big one. Bigger than a bird?


Taken by my friend Juanita Kelly in Washington State.

Well, take a look at this hummingbird. She’s so happy to find this red hot poker.

“Where have you been all my life?” she asks, arms outstretched. “Come to Mama, baby!”040a

Maybe the bird is not bigger than the butterfly after all. Hard to say. Neither would stick around long enough for me to go get a tape measure.

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24 thoughts on “Does Size Matter?

  1. What!? They wouldn’t cooperate? How inconsiderate.

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  2. Such beautiful critters. ❤️

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  3. Nice shot. The hummer definitely thinks it’s bigger! It’s about .1 ounce body weight and .6 ounce attitude.

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  4. Wow! Both of these shots are spectacular, Anneli. Love those hummers!

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  5. Gorgeous pics. Wish I could see a Monarch again. Takes me back to being a child on the farm in Sask where we saw tens of different species of butterflies including many monarchs. So sad that they couldn’t compete with pesticides of today.

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  6. Oh no, Anneli!! You cannot put a tape measure around either one! Ha ha ha!
    I like this post, beautiful butterfly and adorable hummingbird and the pretty poker flower. I like your sense of humor, too. 🙂

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  7. Both beautiful subjects. The swallowtails have just appeared in our area. I hope they stay still long enough to photograph!

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  8. The philadelphus shrubs that they seem to like a lot, are just above our deck height, so if they land in there, I can get close enough to get a picture, if they aren’t too nervous and flitting around a lot. They have such beautiful colours and designs.


  9. Beautiful Anneli!…and Juanita!
    When we lived at Sea Ranch in Northern California there was an area on the coast called Monarch glen. Each year the monarchs would rest in the trees for several days on their way to some other exotic place. It was a sight to behold. Thousands nestled, one overlapping the other.

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  10. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful butterfly and hummingbird. I miss the hummingbirds here a lot. Funny thing is that here the Volksmund calls this butterfly Otakarek and you know that my husband’s name is Otakar. But he has nothing to do with this butterfly – except that he loves them all. Size really doesn´t matter !

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  11. I’ll never think of these butterflies in the same way again. Otakarek! Very nice.


  12. You have to teach me how to get those awesome shots.

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    • I really don’t know much about it. I point and click and hope for the best. But one secret I’ll share – I take about 20 shots to get one that is usable. The Captain is really glad we aren’t using film anymore and having to pay for developing all my blurry pictures. Digital was made for ME!

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