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Guard Dogs


The sun is out this morning. I was helping load things in the truck when the backyard supervisors sprang to life, barking and running around in circles, looking for the Captain or me.

“Probably a raccoon,” the Captain said, but we headed in the direction of the fuss anyway.

“I should get the camera … but … nahhhh … I’ve got enough raccoon pictures.”

The supervisors barked more bravely now and stuck their noses through the fence towards the intruder.

I followed their line of sight and yelled to the Captain, “It’s a bear!”

Then I ran for my camera. I think the Captain probably thought I was running away from the bruin but I didn’t have time to worry about that. I had to get that camera, and fast. I know these visiting bears don’t hang around long once they’ve been discovered. But first, I had to do add some inadvertent drama to the show. My shoe caught a vine as I ran for the house. It was a vicious tangler and didn’t let go when I shook my foot as I kept running. That ended in a face plant. Thankfully that part of the yard, somewhere in behind that big tree in the top photo, has soft mossy ground, but it still hurt and I couldn’t get up right away. My knee and my neck felt broken, but it turned out to be nothing but old age.

Somewhere in the back of my mind images formed of bears chasing those who run (even if it’s to get the camera).

By the time I got back with the camera, the bear was already thinking it was time to leave. The supervisors, tasty morsels though they might have been, had been sent into the house, so why hang around?


One last-ditch, hurried effort to try for a picture only caught a dark blurry shape(front and center) with two small round ears perched on the top.


The supervisors are continuing their naps in the house for the morning. They always stir up too much trouble when we let them out.

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28 thoughts on “Guard Dogs

  1. You are kidding us – LOL – like the guard dogs were kidding you. Lovely story, I like it a lot, really.


  2. No, this was no joke. There was a bear in the next yard to us. I was glad there was a fence, even though that wouldn’t have held it back if it had really wanted to come over.


  3. So he was having a nap after all this barking business, just like your dogs on the other side of the fence. What a story this is – I am getting the shiver´s,


    • The dog picture is from another day, but that’s what the dogs were doing this morning when they got a whiff of the bear and started barking. We went to see what the barking was about and the rest is in the blog post, for real.


  4. Glad you didn’t do yourself any serious injury! The photo may not be what you’d like, but there’s no doubt it’s a bear. 🙂

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  5. Ouch, I’ve had falls like that. They hurt. Hope you’re okay. As for the bear, not surprising to see them in your area.

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    • This is at least the fifth bear visit that we’re aware of and I’m sure they used to wander through more often at night when we didn’t even know about it.
      And yes, I don’t like falling as I get older. It was a relatively soft landing but as time goes by I’m feeling joints that hurt since I fell this morning. Could have been worse (the bear could have chased me when I ran for the camera).

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  6. In spite of the mishap, at least you got some proof. Good you didn’t hurt yourself! Have you seen them before, that close? I’ve only seen two bears in my life; one brown back home in Sweden, and a black one, off the highway outside Fredericton. Neither of them close.

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  7. Well, you did the right thing: that face-plant scared the bear away!

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  8. Wow! You better be careful, Anneli. I’m laughing at your comment to Montucky. 🙂

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  9. Double martini tonight…The Captain will definitely be “on board”.

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  10. OMG, you really do live with wildlife. A bear wouldn’t have a scuffle with the dogs, would it?

    BTW, I think that “face plant” sentence deserved to be on a line all by itself. I know how those falls feel like we broke our entire body. I don’t know how you got back up for that camera, but I couldn’t help but giggle a little. Too bad the captain didn’t have a pic of that one. 😉

    I couldn’t make out that first picture. Was that the bear?

    It’s exciting around your place.

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    • I can’t believe all the action around here lately! I might have to move into town if this keeps up. But YES, a bear would definitely do some damage to a dog if the dog pestered it. Quite often what happens out in the woods is a dog will chase a bear and then when the bear has had enough, it turns around and chases the dog. And guess where the dog runs to? Right back to his owner (followed by the bear of course).

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  11. I like the before shot of two napping dogs, Anneli! I was so sorry the vine tangled up and you fell on your face! What a dedicated blogger you are, better than the mailmen through sleet and snow, you run through underbrush to get a photo and it was a good one! I see clearly a bear with very detailed ears! 😀

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    • You got that right, Robin. I am a super-dedicated blogger. I was like an ambulance chaser today, running for my camera to get the story. And for the record, I’m aching all over tonight, after falling down like a fool today. I’m glad it was in the privacy of my own backyard.


  12. I certainly prefer the deer we have in our backyard over a bear!
    Have a great weekend,

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    • Me too. Bears are too unpredictable. They are usually harmless, but you can’t turn your back and think, “Oh, it will go away if I leave it alone.” It probably will, but if it doesn’t you’ll be in trouble.


  13. So how are your injuries feeling now that your several days past the drama??

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