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The Bear Again



The Captain just left to take his mother home after dinner, and I took the dogs outside for a pee.


As he stopped at the top of the driveway to open the gate, he yelled, “ANNELEEEE!”












The report, when the Captain returned, was that the bear is just a little way into the woods, near some garbage that likely came out of the tipped over cans at a nearby house.


So this is how my next weeks are going to be, looking over my shoulders, terrified to go out with the dogs for their last pee or their early morning business.


The dogs are all jittery. Leaping up and barking at any sound. They’re scared of the bear. You could tell from the pitch of their barks the other day that they were scared of it.


I am too!


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30 thoughts on “The Bear Again

  1. Take care, this bear thing could go bad for you and your dogs as well.
    Happy bear free Gardening

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    • The Captain saw the bear again last evening and it didn’t seem to be afraid. That’s a bad thing when bears are not afraid of people. I hate to think how it will end for the poor bear.


  2. The bear would prefer a meal that doesn’t put up any resistance. It will probably go looking for another garbage can. I hope!

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  3. He must have gotten some food somewhere near your home, that’s why he’s hanging around. Hopefully he’ll move on, but in the meantime, be careful!


  4. Unfortunately, he will probably stay around as long as there is access to anyone’s garbage. Sadly for him, he will likely have to be killed because of that too.

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    • Looks like he’s into garbage, but when he was near our place he was near the neighbour’s compost bin and ours is not far from it. All enclosed, but they still smell composty when it’s warm.


  5. Dear hungry bear…garbage is not good for your health. Please find berry bushes deep in the woods near your family. Hugs from Emma, Ruby and cousin Ivy.

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  6. Bears can be such a pest for us when they get used to people´s garbage. It’s hard to get rid of him and I am afraid he has to be shot sooner- or later. I hope no one gets hurt meanwhile. You have to be very very careful. Maybe keep the bearspray handy, just in case.

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  7. Oh no! I’m sorry to read that the bear doesn’t seem to be too afraid of people. That’s bad news for the bear. Hope it will move along somewhere else and that things will settle.

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  8. YIKES!! Stress and worry that you do not need.

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    • I’ve been looking out the window checking on the dogs all day. I’m sure it’s okay but early in the morning or at dusk I’ll have to be more careful. The whole neighbourhood has the same problem – with kids and dogs and cats. It’s really sad when bears get habituated in town.


  9. Keep us posted and I hope you can enjoy a little fresh air and sunshine!

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  10. Stay away from those bears! Grrrrr…..
    Hey, Anneli! Danny, Courtney and I are traveling to Whistler and Vancouver at the end of July. Are you nearby?

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    • So close and yet so far away. The ferry between the mainland and Vancouver Island is a big barrier. It’s expensive to take a vehicle over and back and there’s not much point in going to either place without one. Then it’s quite a drive to Whistler and again, accommodations would be expensive. But the one time I was there, it was beautiful and I’m sure you’ll love it.

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  11. Oh, no! So sorry about this fearsome situation! Are bears allowed to be shot or can you get animal protection to stun them with tranquilizers and haul it away from homes and your neighborhood?
    Take care and by the way, your gate is beautiful. 🙂

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    • I’m sure the bear is hanging around in the thicker wooded area down the road from us and hopefully he won’t come back up this way, but I’m worried because he isn’t shy about having people around and that can make a bear dangerous. I kept the dogs inside until later this morning and it’s probably quite safe out there until dusk. It’s quiet in our yard so that makes it a good place to come, but I’m hoping the fence and that good strong gate will keep him out.


    • I forgot to answer about shooting. No you can’t shoot them in this area, but the Conservation Officers would be allowed to do so. I’m hoping that they’ll set up a live trap. That’s usually what they try first. Then they cart the bear away to a new location, one without houses nearby.


    • Maybe it’s a good thing I fell down when I was running for the camera. I hurt my neck enough to make it stiff for a couple of days and that was good. Stopped the rubber-necking as I tried to look over my shoulder a hundred times a day. Neck is much better now and the deer is still inhabiting the bear’s territory. Must have a fawn in there. It’s that time.

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  12. Anneli, another neighbour has a photo of the bear walking on Moore Rd toward Lazo road
    In the NE Lazo woods yesterday , people who walk about 8 dogs “to socialize them”. Had a terrier who ran up to the bear. The bear ignored the terrier and wandered toward the airport.
    So keep on watching out – there is a bear trap set up to catch the bear.


  13. I hope they catch it soon. I’d hate to have some incident and then the poor bear getting shot. But it does make me very nervous having him around and not afraid of people.


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