Call for Backup


When my sister was in Mexico she was fascinated by a scene that unfolded outside her all-inclusive hotel. She snapped these pictures of the baggage truck being loaded, presumably to distribute the bags to the individual residences and suites.

The hotel staff are doing their best to solve the giant puzzle of how to fit 150 suitcases into a space designed to hold half that number.

Juan must juggle the bags, holding those that threaten to slip until he can wedge the next one on top to pin it down. Supervisor Federico, on the left,  isn’t getting involved except perhaps to offer some tips.


Manuel, in the brighter hard hat, reports to Federico, “The people are expecting their bags within one hour as promised. Should we call for backup? Another truck, perhaps?”

While Federico makes the call, Manuel tells Juan, “Don’t let go of that blue one. Now find a tall one to put in front of it. You shouldn’t have put that one in the middle like that. Maybe next time you’ll listen to me.”

Juan mutters some words that I’m not allowed to print here.

Manuel says, “Now listen! You get these bags loaded or you won’t have a job to come to tomorrow. There are still quite a few bags to load, and the baggage must be delivered within one hour, so do your job!


Manuel turns to the supervisor who has just returned. “So are they sending another truck, Federico?”

Por supuesto! Of course! What do you think! We can’t fit all these bags into the one truck.”

Bueno. So when are they sending the truck? You know, the bags are expected–”

“In one hour. Sì, sì, sì! I know.”

“But the truck. What did they say? When?!”

Federico shrugs. “What do you think they said? ‘Mañana!’



30 thoughts on “Call for Backup

  1. reocochran

    Oh my, Anneli! I cannot believe this! How do they even make sure they get the correct suitcases? Hopefully, the tags are not accidentally ripped off! Seeing this must be funny to those not affected,but horrifying to those whose wardrobe and belongings are inside! This makes me concerned and glad you posted this both for humor and people going there should be warned. 🙂

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  2. Sonja Forrester

    Just a great little story and photos too! To address reocochran’s concerns regarding the ownership of the bags, they are surprisingly organized. After you check in, they ask you how many pieces of luggage you have. You are given the corresponding number of stickers to place on your luggage and then it is taken to the bellhop. The bellhop then records your room number on the list along with the sticker ID #. They are amazingly efficient in delivering the bags, but occasionally errors are made, I am sure. I have to say that no matter how much pressure these bellhops are under, they still seem to smile and greet every single guest with such sincerity. Such gracious people.

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