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Since the black bear came to visit a few days ago, I’ve been very nervous about letting the dogs out in the backyard.   They’re always inside during those early dawn hours and at dusk anyway, but now even more so, until I hear that the bear has been taken away or enough time has gone by that either the bear or I have died of old age.

But dogs like to be outside when the weather is fine, so I peeked out to check if the coast was clear.

First thing I saw was this deer. Oh, no! I thought. How did it get in? When did I leave the gate open? Or did it jump over the lower gate at the back of the property? Is my garden eaten? Are the fruit trees stripped? I was about to go open a gate and try to shoo the deer out when I noticed the mesh of the fence was on my side of the deer. He was in the neighbours’ yard. What a relief that was.


The deer was quite used to people and didn’t run when I came close, talking softly to it. When it left, I let the dogs out. I figured there was no bear around today, since this is almost the very spot where the bear was the other day, and if the deer was here, the bear was not. I felt a little bit ashamed for being such a nervous coward when a defenseless deer was brave enough to walk the same ground as the bear.041a

As it turned out, the dogs were not outside very long before Emma started that fear-filled barking again, this time looking towards the other side of the property where the bear would also have access. Today we’re all hiding in the house. I’m normally quite brave about scary things – all except for spiders and bears.

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14 thoughts on “Shamed

  1. The suspense mounts! I hope for your sake and his as well that the bear has moved back into the forest!

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  2. Wise to be scared of bears.

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  3. Good idea to have a healthy respect for the wildlife. It is scary enough when you have to watch out for your own safety, but you also have the two dogs’ safety to be concerned about. I don’t have any bears in my yard, but I am still cautious in the morning, when I let my two kitties out into the yard.

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    • Sometimes cougars wander through town areas so you’re wise to watch out for your kitties. You’re not too far from forested areas. You have to be careful first thing in the morning and after supper.


  4. You get some wonderful shots!

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  5. The deer makes a face, as if you are in its yard and then saw the fence. On the second shot it got nosy. very good shots.

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  6. She’s lovely! Hope you get to see more of her and less of the bear.

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  7. Oh my gosh, Anneli! Another special post and I nearly missed it!
    The deer is so cute and precious, soft and can see the fur so clearly. 🙂
    Hope deer stays on other side of fence and away from your gardens!
    I read the bear post and it scares me. To death!
    I am a week behind, I suppose since I had a busy week, then weekend and didn’t have my “catch up” days. Thank you for keeping up with my posts, dear friend. ❤

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