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The Deluge


Two nights ago at 2:50 a.m. the loudest crack of thunder I have ever heard split the sky outside our house. The dogs leaped off their beds, barking at the weather gods. Huge volumes of water poured down in a short time. After a week of  hot weather, the change was dramatic. The next day again, we had buckets of rain in short cloudbursts.

Today I thought I lived in Panama, the way the rain came down in streams.


Our soil is sandy, so any water that comes down soaks away quickly, but so much water came down in such a short time that part of the yard looked like the Great Lakes.


Remember my garden being built in April?


Just look at it now. All it needed was for the weather gods to do their thing.003 004

That, and a little bit of (back-breaking) work.


Pit, from Texas, sent links to the “deluges” that came his way earlier this year.




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45 thoughts on “The Deluge

  1. Your garden looks great!

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  2. The way you describe weather makes me become rapt and fascinated, Anneli. I like the photo of the potted red flowers outside your sliding glass doors, with almost a misty look. I really enjoyed the beauty in this natural forces post!
    It really seems your gardens are thriving and responding to the deluge! I tried to capture lightning but couldn’t very well. I would like to get a major lightning photo. Have a serene Sunday! 🙂

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  3. Those thunderstorms can be a little frightening, especially with those tall trees in and around your property. Poor dogs must have been ready to dive under the covers with you.
    Your garden looks beautiful! Everything appears to be very happy in the new location. Good job!

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  4. That looks like torrential rain even … we got some powerful thunder & lightning here too, two nights ago. I have an online buddy out in northern Cal. and she’d experienced the worst thunderstorm ever in the nineteen years she’d lived there. You’re on Vancouver Island, if my memory serves me right?!

    Love the poppies …

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    • Yes, Vancouver Island. The weather seems to be getting more extreme everywhere in the world. I’ve never seend that much rain in such a short time, nor heard thunder that loud. I can easily believe they had this thunderstorm in California. Somehow when hot weather changes to cold, it makes for big sparks!

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  5. The garden looks great, Anneli. At least you won’t have to worry about watering it for a couple of days.

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  6. That lightning strike must have been awfully close! We had one hit a tree across the street from us once. It didn’t bring the tree down, but there was a huge scar down one side after that. Glad to see your garden got a boost. It looks like a happy garden. 🙂

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  7. Seems there’s extreme weather conditions happening everywhere. We’ve had them here too. We certainly need the rain, so not complaining !

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  8. Your garden looks wonderfully green. Luckily, that deluge doesn’t seem to have done any damage. Judging from the pictures, you did have a downpour! We had something like that last year on Memorial Day
    Have a great week,

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  9. That was some rain, but your garden looks great!

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  10. I like the flowers too – they are so cheerful!

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  11. Sounds like the tropical Florida summer rains I used to experience. The soil was sandy there, too. We couldn’t figure out a way to grow anything there, including grass. The bugs never die there, since it doesn’t freeze. Fighting bugs in plant life was like trying to fight a wildfire with buckets. Great job on that garden, both to you and the weather gods. 🙂

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  12. I admit it – I am *so tired* of all the Texas rain this season! I think we’ve only had a handful of days since mid-April where we’ve gone 24 hours without at least some. I have 2 friends whose homes have flooded not once but twice. One is living with her husband and 2 kids at their in-laws house and the other had just moved into their new home a few weeks before all this started.

    Our swimming pool isn’t get much use so far this summer!

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  13. My garden looks like yours in April, but I have hope that good weather will make wonders. Enjoy yours!

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    • You have a much shorter growing season, I think, so when it comes on, it will catch up to us because you have the longer daylight hours. Also, our warm weather came unusually early this year. I’m sure your garden will be lush in just a few weeks.


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