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Going Squirrelly


Shhh! He thinks I don’t know he’s behind me. Do you see him there? He’s doing some funny kind of moves to impress me, throwing one leg in the air, like “Let’s dance!” Honestly! In my condition!001a

But wait. I didn’t hear you knock. Did you just want a few photos?005a

I’m afraid this isn’t a good time. My tummy’s a bit upset. Or maybe it’s baby Perry, kicking.


I’m getting tired of waiting for the big day.


Just not sure what’s going on back there.009a

And I don’t like how their father said I was getting as wide as the broad side of a barn door.


I’m outta here. What a time to have a photo shoot. No appointment or anything.


Do you think you could come back another time? Maybe Sunday afternoon? I’d have a chance to pick the pitch out of my fur.


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36 thoughts on “Going Squirrelly

  1. Oh, my, I think she’s going to drop that load sometime soon. Maybe you should get some squirrel food, she’s going to be very busy! Great shots Anneli. 🙂

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    • Thanks, Jill. The squirrel was so high up the tree that I had trouble seeing it clearly. It wasn’t until I uploaded the photos that I saw that she was pregnant. I just zoomed the camera, held my breath and tried not to shake the camera too much and clicked away. A lot of them were blurry but the beauty of digital is you can take a lot and choose the best of those.

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  2. The squirrels around here are so sweet. She is a very pregnant one, and I’ll bet it won’t be long before the babies are following her around from limb to limb. Great photos!

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  3. I’m sending the link to this to my son who loves squirrels!

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  4. That’s going to be a very busy squirrel very soon!

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  5. What a lovely series of photos and captions. I just finished watching “Call the Midwife”, and this seems to be just along those lines 🙂

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  6. I honestly hardly ever see any pregnant or “expecting” wildlife, Anneli! I actually think your squirrel “mama to be” is cute and your photos are rare!! Thank you for sharing.
    By the way, your lines were witty and had me chuckling. 🙂

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  7. Wow! Close enough to see a squirrel’s nipples. Hehe.

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  8. fantastic and rare shots!

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  9. So cute! How many babies do they make ?

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  10. Actually, the very young babies aren’t very cute at all. They don’t have any hair, and they’re all wrinkled. But, in a couple of weeks, they fill out a little, and after they open their eyes and develop a coat, they’re quite something. Somewhere around here I have a photo of our young pet squirrel on the sailboat with us. I think he enjoyed the movement of the boat — it probably was like a tree limb swaying.

    Your photos are fabulous. We’re awash in young squirrels now — they’re often born around March, and by now are frisking around.

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  11. These are fantastic photos, Anneli. So clear and precise. 🙂

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    • Thanks, Carol. The zoom is good on this camera. It does a pretty good job for a non-professional, and to be honest, I wouldn’t have a chance to get these shots if I had to use a tripod for a bigger camera. The squirrel (or bear or raccoon) would be long gone.

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