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The One True Poppy ?

I am the one true poppy

The one in Flanders’ fields.

Surrounded here by “wannabe”s

At last my patience yields.

I’m falling prey to apoppyplexy.

Helpless as I am,

Rooted in the ground like this

I’m truly in a jam.

But look at my frustration

The lesser poppies bloom

And I am forced to bear their smirks

While I am filled with gloom.

You see that Missy Paleface

Deceitful all in white?

And what about Pink Poodle?

Her hairdo is a fright.

The crackpots growing opium

Are gossiping again.

Do they not know their sticky juice

Is going to fry their brain?

The bugs may crawl upon my face

My pollen’s falling down,

But I’m the only real one here

And I should wear the crown.


Pink Poodle


Miss Paleface





Author: wordsfromanneli

Writing, travel, photography, nature, more writing....

29 thoughts on “Apoppyplexy

  1. Nice, the pictures and the poem.

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  2. One of my favorite flowers is our native white prickly poppy, but I love poppies generally, and even have some china with poppy decals. This is such a treat of a post — images and words, both. Thanks!

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    • I actually like the white, pink, and purple ones better than the plain red ones. Maybe that’s why I took on the voice of that one, pouting about being “ordinary.” your poppy china is something I would probably like a lot.


  3. Wonderful pictures, Anneli, and a great poem. 🙂 I love that pplay on words in the title.
    Have a great day,

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  4. Your muse led you well, Anneli.
    I love poppies too!

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  5. I love the red poppy, but I never see them around here. The ones I see are more kind of orange. Back home, they’re red like in the first picture.

    Great poem! 😄

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  6. Love it. Great poem and pictures.

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  7. I think they all look better when they’re in the company of others. Nothing like a good riot of color. I’m glad you give in to these urges, they’re always fun! 🙂

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  8. The poem was very cute and witty. I love poppies. They are so beautiful!!!


  9. The poem was interesting and told its story, along with the beautiful flowers to display their differences. The true poppy has such a miserable life, with pollen and the bugs!

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  10. Love the poem! I’ve tried several times to grow ANY kind of poppy and they are all over Colorado. I threw in some seed two weeks ago with fingers crossed.

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