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Fire in the Hole (or is that Hold?)


Fire in the hole is a warning that was called out to miners when explosives stashed in a hole in the wall of a mine were about to be detonated. It may also have referred to the lighting of the little hole in a cannon where gunpowder was packed and burned until it reached the main charge that fired the cannon.

But in this case, it was not “fire in the hole,” but rather “fire in the hold” of this boat. Around the end of May this year, fire broke out on this boat. The cause is thought to be a bad combination of gasoline fumes and electric sparks, but I’m not sure of that, since I wasn’t on the boat to know. The owner, who lived aboard had only one option and that was to jump into the water. Even so he got some burns, but he’ll be okay.

You may recognize the Royston Wrecks on the opposite shore. I posted photos of them in this post: https://wordsfromanneli.com/2016/04/06/royston-wrecks/025

We were a good couple of miles away as the crow flies, maybe more, so the pictures are not very clear, but the smoke leaves no doubt about what was happening.


I’m not sure if this is the Comox fireboat (whose five-minute drive took an incredibly long time – not their finest hour, nor their usual response time) or the one from Powell River (which arrived  amazingly quickly from the mainland, across the Strait of Georgia).Both arrived on the scene about the same time, but too late to save the boat.037

The fleet anchored in the bay could only stand and stare, and feel very sorry for the boat’s owner.

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26 thoughts on “Fire in the Hole (or is that Hold?)

  1. Wow that’s really sad. I love boats and boating. Grew up on a lake. I feel so sorry for the owner, hope the insurance was paid up. Looks like a 50 footer.

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  2. That’s very frightening, Anneli. I’m glad the owner wasn’t badly injured.

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  3. Bad luck, but at least he wasn’t out at sea!

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  4. Glad the owner wasn’t badly hurt! That’s not a working boat, is it? Hate to think someone also lost their livelihood.

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  5. Glad the owner is okay.

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  6. Looks like a (modern) fiberglass boat to me. I doubt it could have been saved even if the fireboats had arrived earlier. Sad, though. But good the owner survived.

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  7. Very scary photos!!!

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  8. Anneli, I am serious when I get my renters insurance bill, I pay it as soon as possible. My brother once caught his apartment’s curtains in the kitchen on fire while making hot oil to put french fries in. He had paid his insurance and the disaster was contained. I always get nervous when little fires begin in places, let alone this man’s whole house boat, place you said he lives! So sad. . . 😦

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    • It’s usually people who don’t have much to start with who forego the insurance as another bill they can little afford, but it’s the one bill they should go for. I’m a firm believer that if you have insurance, nothing bad will happen.

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      • Yes, I guess the fact we pay, we are protected. I would donate to this man’s future boat. Maybe someone will sympathize and throw a fundraiser? We did this for a young man in our warehouse who had 3 young children and wife, whose house caught fire from a lightning strike. Everything burned in hot autumn flames while family escaped and were safe. Thank goodness!

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  9. Oh my! One wonders what his life looks like today?! He didn’t lose his life, but pretty much everything else, from what I understand.

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    • Yes, I’m pretty sure he works so he’ll get back on his feet, and people at the dock took up a collection for him and donated clothes and other things he might need for a start, but it would be quite a shock for him.

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  10. You got amazing photos from far away. Sad about the boat, but thank goodness the owner escaped.

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  11. Incredible photos and glad to know that there were no casualties. ❤

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