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I once lived in fear of the dragonfly.

The sound of its name would terrify.

If the back of my shirt were a landing place

At least I would not see the alien’s face.

They must come from somewhere in outer space

But how did they get those fine wings made of lace?

The colours are lovely, my eye wants to dwell

On the spacesuit that’s muted but shiny as well.

Its legs, like a model’s, are fine and quite lean

Perhaps I was wrong and it’s really not mean.

It’s just having fun as it climbs up the railing,

I pray that it’s strong and its grip is not failing.

Its wee little voice calls as loud as it can,

“Just look at me. Look! I am Spiderman.”



Just call me Spiderman

Author: wordsfromanneli

Writing, travel, photography, nature, more writing....

34 thoughts on “Spiderman

  1. A very lovely poem to go with the pictures of a beautiful creature!

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  2. What a fantastic picture! WOW!

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    • Thanks, Pit. It was a cold day so he held still for a long time. Trouble was, he was up kind of high and I couldn’t get close enough except to use the zoom and you lose a bit that way. But still, he’s a cute little guy.

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  3. Beautiful! What a marvelous creature. Well done. 🙂

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  4. I like your poem and that’s an excellent picture of a beautiful little creature.
    The name though… I think the same person named both the dragon fly and the bumble bee.

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  5. I enjoyed your poem, and I also used to be scared to death of dragon flies. As a kid, they would dive bomb my head while I was in the swimming pool. Sometimes I didn’t think I could hold my breath any longer.
    Fantastic photo, Anneli!

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    • I had a dragonfly come in the driver’s side window once. Luckily I was just backing out of a parking place and not on the road yet or I might not be here to tell about it. In hindsight, I think I over-reacted, but at that time, dragonflies still freaked me out. I was happy to see how this photo turned out, making the dragonfly look like he was climbing a wall.

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  6. Love your poetry, but insects not so much.

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    • I know. Insects are hard to “warm up to.” I’ll never enjoy looking at a spider (I know it’s not an insect, but close enough). I don’t know why I’ve learned to like dragonflies. They really have beautiful colours and the mini window panes and the webbing of their wings are really amazing.


  7. Beautiful words in poem and quite an amazing photograph! My parents taught me that most flying “scary” bugs were actually less likely to hurt us than we hurt them.
    So, bees, spiders, dragonflies (damselflies), and wasps turned out to be less scary. I went around helping campers to get bugs out of their tents and sleeping bags! I only dislike one kind: cockroaches! 🙂

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  8. Wow, that is some zoom. That guy looks like he has a stinger.

    In Florida, we used to get swarms of them hovering in our hhhhhot backyard. I’d use the side yard to play fetch with Max, and when the ball landed over the by the dragonfly swarm, they’d follow Max back and swarm us. I had to keep moving away from them to play with Max, because the swarm was literally too thick to throw the ball through. Here are a couple of pictures of them at the top of this blog post, but I couldn’t catch a whole swarm on camera.

    Loved the poem, btw.

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  9. Fine wings but creepy. 🙂

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  10. superb!! I love dragonflies, glorious blues and shimmery greens; great poem as well to match! thanks for sharing 🙂 cheers, Debi

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  11. Beautiful photo, Anneli. The detail is amazing and a great little poem to go with it, as well. I love the comparison to an “alien”. In your photo, the dragonfly really does look like it is wearing a space suit of some kind. I love them and love watching them catch all those little gnats and mosquitoes out in the garden. What a fun little post.

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  12. A fun and beautiful tribute to the incredible dragonfly – one of my favorite ‘creatures’ of all time. Your photo is exceptional.

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    • Thanks, Pam. I never used to appreciate them until I saw them in detail through a camera lens. They have amazing variety in colour and design and they rid the world of pesky little nuisance insects.

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      • In my first NE home, I used to just sit in front of the garden and watch them play. Eventually, I’d have one or two or more dragonflies stop by on my arms and stare into my eyes. That’s when I realized they really ARE aliens sent here to check us out. :-0

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        • They are so different from mammals. I think that’s why movie makers chose insect-like creatures to represent terrifying sci-fi creatures. We often have a fear of the unknown or of strange things, and a close up look at insects sure works for presenting something really different. If I look at “my” dragonfly long enough, I can imagine him starting to talk. Just think how we would feel if he and his buddies were twice the size of a grown man.


  13. Nice bro you got some talent!!


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