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Sometimes you just need a man


In many households, mine included, barbecuing is the man’s job. But with the Captain away, what’s a girl to do? Although I’d had little practice with the barbecue, I thought I would grill some burgers for myself. I knew that if I made them too thin they might fall between the grate, so into the hamburger, I mixed some chopped onion, some finely cubed bits of bread, and an egg. I made nice fat patties, four of them, so I could reheat a couple tomorrow, and I put them on the grill with a bit of barbecue sauce on top.


After a while I tried to turn them. That was a bit messy. The first one broke up. You can see that a lot of the burger components fell through the grate. I would have to bring the patties in and fry them in the pan after all. I brought the first broken one in and set it in the pan.


Kind of a mess but at least I could finish cooking it. I decided that I might as well bring in the other three burgers and give up on the barbecue idea.

But when I tried to take the burgers off the grill, they broke up badly. I gathered up the barbecue sauce and the brush and the plate of burger meat – oh, and the portable phone I had out on the deck in case the Captain called. With all these things in my arms I tried to maneuver the sliding screen door open.


A lot more of the burger meat fell on the floor than what you see here, but I slapped as much as I could back onto the plate.


This gave new meaning to the term, “a dog’s breakfast.”


My vest, full of barbecue sauce went straight into the washing machine, and while I was downstairs I let the dogs into the house. Darned if I was going to clean up that mess by myself. I let them help – and they did an excellent job. They left the onion pieces for the last, but they ended up eating those too. Very thorough, they were!


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47 thoughts on “Sometimes you just need a man

  1. You turned a barbecue into an outdoor adventure! I can laugh because I’ve done that myself!

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  2. Oh my gosh! I’m still laughing!!

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    • At first I couldn’t believe it was happening like that. First they fall through the grate and then they fall on the floor and on my vest. I could either get mad or laugh about it. I decided to get my camera so I could laugh later when I felt more like it.


  3. I recommend a burger holder. It has a long grip on a basket and there is place for four patties.Did you soak the bread cubes in water first, did you sautee the onions first. Those steps help to keep the patties together. That was a good idea to get the camera, the pictures turned out perfect.

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  4. Oh my word! Talk about going from bad to worse. At least the pooches benefited from the disaster.

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  5. I could never fry burgers. Never mind the BBQ! Our four legged friends can be quite handy for cleaning up messes when they’re not making them. 🙂

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  6. I happen to know that you are an excellent chef!! What in the world were you thinking?
    Emma and Ruby in doggie Heaven for certain. Now, about the vest:)

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  7. Those finely ground bread crumbs can help hold the meat together, yay for the dogs!

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  8. Hi Anneli,
    Your experience is just what I fear about doing hamburgers on our BBQ pit and why I haven’t done so yet. I’m still working up my courage to try … some time. Your experience sounds a bit like mine with our greek chicken kebabs. I’m in two minds if, whenever I’ll do the hamburgers, I should put them on the grate or, as I finally did with the kebabs, on a coated pan [http://tinyurl.com/jbcdxcg]. Maybe try the grate first and then … Who knows. One thing will definitely different from your experience here: I’ll have to claen up the mess myself as we don’t have dogs any more! 😉
    Have a great day, and more success the next time with hamburgers,

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    • I won’t be trying them again on the grate. That was too traumatic. But I’ve had good tips about all the things I did wrong so it’s been helpful in case I ever get up my nerve again. It’ll be a while though. I didn’t know that could happen with kebabs.


      • Well, with the chicken kebabs it was our fault. My wife wanted to have white and red meat, so we got breasts and thighs. The recipe had called for breast only. What we found out: the thighs were too thin and a tad too marbled. So, when the meat stuck to the hot grate [I hadn’t been able to correctly oil it], they nearly came apart when I wanted to turn them. I guess the (thicker) cubes of white meat [which we did in the oven, btw] would not have done that. But at least we got them done ok and they didn’t end up in the grill or on the floor, but in our tummies. 😉

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  9. Burgers are a great idea, but it looks like you ended up with “Sloppy Joes”. 🙂 You may want to spray the grates with a special cooking oil in a spray can designed solely for the BBQ grate. Once the grate is hot, you simply mist the grate with the oil. Also, if you are going to BBQ a burger, you probably should pick up some ground beef that is not too lean. 😀 Silly Anneli. Too funny, but I am glad the dogs enjoyed your misadventures….

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    • I don’t think I’ll have the nerve to try again. Unless I put them in a pan with holes in the bottom like the ones for doing veggies on the bbq. The dogs did a really good job of cleaning up though.They were happy.


  10. You might have missed out on dinner but your dogs had a good time😊

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  11. Bill has a teflon sheet to put on the barbecue so nothing falls through. Not sure why your burgers broke up. I also use onion, bread crumbs and egg when I make mine. I chill them in the fridge for a couple of hours and they don’t seem to fall apart.

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  12. Who needs a man when you have dogs … and a washing machine! 🙂

    I’m laughing, but this could’ve been me. I don’t even like to cook. I like to eat, though …

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  13. But if the Captain had been home, he would have cooked the burgers and they wouldn’t have fallen through the grate. I can laugh now too, but I was too shocked to laugh or cry at the time. I just couldn’t believe things kept going from bad to worse.


  14. Entertaining story. Got a good laugh and now I hope it doesn’t happen to me when hubby goes off fishing or hunting!

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  15. I commend you for even trying! I don’t even approach the grill. Yes, in my house it’s the ‘man’s domain,’ and even though my guy travels, I wait until he returns for a grilled evening. I love your sense of humor – and look at how well the dogs made out. 🙂

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  16. Aww, Anneli! I felt so bad about your wanting BBQ burgers and how one fell through the grate and how trying to balance everything more mess ensued.
    When you tell stories, you seem very easygoing while I would either have yelled or cried! So glad the cleanup crew showed up!! 🙂 🙂

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  17. I was so stunned by the sequence of events I couldn’t believe it was all happening like that or I would have yelled or cried too.
    Good old cleanup crew came through for me and they loved their work.

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    • I guess our instincts are to “just get it done, cleaned up and oh well!” This is usually my mode of operandi but my kids do know how I will cry over a spilled bucket of popcorn at the movies. My son once ran back to the concession stand as a boy yelling, “My Mom is crying since she tripped in the dark theater and we don’t have enough money to get another bucket.” I was glad I was still back in that dark theater, since my youngest daughter spilled the beans much later in the car. I was a little bit embarrassed but we did get a free refill! 🙂

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  18. I’ve never grilled but I do like to cook.

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  19. Hmmm… Clearly, if not a man, then DOGS. Lots of dogs….

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