Fruit to Nuts

In our case, the saying has to be reversed – from nuts to fruit.

We have a few fruit trees in the backyard, and this year the apple trees are loaded. Branches are hanging low to the ground, easy pickings for us and even easier for the dogs. You’d think I didn’t feed them.

In previous years, Ruby used to pick up the hazelnuts that fell. I could clean up under the nut trees, but every time the wind blew, the problem (in the shape of a springer spaniel) reappeared. She cracked the nuts with her teeth and ate the inside, sometimes with bits of shell still on them. I was constantly chasing her away from the nut trees and trying to get the nuts picked up before she got them. Not only was she swallowing sharp bits of shell, but she was cracking her teeth.

When we got Emma, our English field cocker spaniel, Ruby taught her all her bad habits. That’s when we decided to cut the nut trees down. We had two more big nut trees in the front yard (enough for us) so we thought this would solve the problem.

But now without the nut trees in the backyard, Ruby has been harvesting apples and teaching Emma to do the same. I figure an apple a day for two months, times two dogs, equals about 120 apples. Why do I even bother to water the trees? Sometimes, I’d rather turn the hose on the dogs.


37 thoughts on “Fruit to Nuts

  1. Hi Anneli,
    I wouldn’t have thought they would eat nuts or apples. They are some doggies! 😉 Maybe you need a movement-activated sprinkler under the tree. 😉
    Have a great Sunday,

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  2. It’s so funny to read but I can understand your frustration. Why don´t you shake the apples from the tree while the dogs are underneath. Maybe it would set their nuts- and apple brains into the right place. Oh what I am saying, poor little doggies. LOL

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  3. They are funny dogs! I’ve never heard that before … dogs eating apples and nuts! My Sacred Birman, that I had before, used to enjoy a little Iceberg lettuce, but that was as far as it went 🙂

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    • Yes, I have used them in the early days to stop barking. It only takes once or twice and they know. I solved the problem yesterday by picking all the apples from the transparent tree. Now I have to do something with them though. I know!!! I can feed them to the dogs! (just kidding).

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  4. I am chuckling at the older dog, Ruby, teaching Emma all of her tree harvest tricks, either apples or nuts! I think that old adage an apple a day is a good one. ❤ I think it is attributed to Benjamin Franklin. ❤

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