The Dog Days of a Summer Heat

Emma is in heat, and I’m not referring to the weather.  I have to be on guard every moment of her life for the next three weeks, especially during week two.
I don’t let her have the run of the yard anymore (even though it’s fenced) unless I’m out there with her.
Emma 1

I’m a hot dog!

Today I had an appointment in town so I put the dogs in their kennel, a big fenced play area with two doghouses in it. The dogs are safe inside the chainlink fence of the kennel. They won’t get run over while I’m away. Nothing can get at them and they have plenty of shade from the trees that grow beside the kennel.
When I came home, I let the dogs out into the yard. In just a few seconds, Emma had a visitor. Lucky, the little toy dog from across the street  came over to see if Emma wanted to “make love” even though he’d be shooting blanks (he’s been neutered). He’s a cute little dog with brown and white curly fur, a lot like a tiny teddy bear. He’s a barker and has a mind of his own.
I had a time getting Emma to leave him. Whatever he was promising her, he was very persuasive. I don’t know what she sees in him. He’s only about half her size. That’s why he’s able to get through the gate even though it’s closed.
I got Emma to come to me, and then Ruby came to offer assistance. She didn’t bark or growl. She knows Lucky. She came over and stood tall beside him and said, “You’d better go home now. Emma can’t play today. She has to go into the house and keep her legs together.”

It’s a good thing I’m looking after Emma. She’s so naive!

As I’m writing this, Emma is lying on her side near me, with one ear sprawling away from her head on the floor. I’m sure she’s dreaming about Lucky and his attentions. Emma is probably mistaking his professions of love for a promise of marriage. Foolish girl. He’d just knock her up, if he could, and leave her to be a single mother of ten toy puppies. I can just see it now, ten curly-haired smaller-than-usual spaniels, brown, white, black and all the mixtures in between. They’d be high-strung like their mother and useless, but pretty, like their father.
No, I don’t think I could handle that!
I have to make sure that Lucky doesn’t get lucky.

28 thoughts on “The Dog Days of a Summer Heat

    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      Yes, running the nursery … that’s the part that changes your life and not always for the better.I’m sure Emma will get over her infatuation with every dog in the neighbourhood in a week or so. I’m so thankful for the fence all around!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. reocochran

    This was such a fun, playful post, Anneli. I always love your Emma and Ruby stories. ❤
    Poor Lucky, our dog Toby once neutered totally forgot he was a boy!! He even started squatting and not raising his legs on fire hydrants. I haven't expected neutered dogs to even remember those urges, so now I feel bad for urges that cannot be consummated! 🙂 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      I wonder if it has anything to do with the timing. If dogs are neutered later in life it might not fix the “urges” completely??? Don’t know. But at least there’s not pregnancy if they follow through. Emma is pretty much through it now so I can relax again, until next time.



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