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Full of Beans


My climbing beans and bush beans both grew well this year. A person can only eat so many beans at one time but frozen, these beans are almost as good as fresh. The trick is to blanch them. I picked two big bread bowls full of beans this morning and gave them a quick rinse. Then I chopped them into small bite-size pieces while a pot of lightly salted water was coming to a boil. I filled one of those bread bowls with very cold water, and set it aside.

Once the water was boiling I dumped in the cut up beans. That brought the temperature down and I had to wait a minute or two for the water to boil again. As the beans boiled, they turned a brighter green than they were when they were fresh. After a minute or so, I took the slotted spoon and scooped the beans out of the boiling water into the big bowl of cold water.


Climbing beans (broad beans) on the cookie sheet. Bush beans in the pot, ready for the next cookie sheet.

Shortly afterwards I scooped the beans out of the cold water (which was now a bit warmer), and put them into a strainer. In this case, I found that the lettuce spinner worked well. Once the beans were drained I dumped them onto a cookie sheet and spread them out. These would go into my fridge freezer because it has a fan and will freeze the beans quickly. When they’re frozen hard, I break them up and put them into ziploc bags and put them into the chest freezer.


Bush beans

We may be acting silly this winter because you can be sure we’ll be “full of beans.”

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22 thoughts on “Full of Beans

  1. Big Smile …. Grandson #2 and wife 1.0 was here last month and brought me a gift of 10# of new harvest Colorado grown pinto beans(dried)… O-they are sooooo good.
    Happy Gardening

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    • I love planting different kinds of beans and saving the seeds. The broad beans in the photo are on their fourth year of “saved seed planting” (that’s when my neighbour gave me some of her beans. I used to have burgundy and white beans (don’t know what they’re called) but they were fun to grow. Saving bean seeds is so easy and they’re so much fun (easy) to grow.


  2. Better full of beans than no beans at all. Thats a good way to freeze them, perfect.

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  3. They look delicious, Anneli. If I lived close by, I’d help you eat them. I love beans…I even eat them for breakfast. Enjoy!

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  4. I love beans! A beanhead…

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  5. You’ll crave them in November! Great idea to freeze them.

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  6. miss my PNW garden! yours looks Fabulous!!! 🙂


  7. Those really look good!

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  8. They look wonderfully fresh. They’ll be a real treat over the winter.

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  9. I love, love fresh beans, Anneli! I also enjoy your introducing how to prepare and preserve them for future winter days. Yummy! 🙂
    The hill of beans reference made me smile!

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  10. I have to get out there again today before the beans get too mature. Once that happens, I have to leave them for seeds for next year. I could go buy seeds, but I love saving and planting my own.


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