Return of the Bag Lady

I’m still working on improving my handbags. None is perfect, but each one is unique and fun to make. Last count I think I had made about 15 bags and have given most of them away. I really enjoy making them because I never know how they’ll look when they’re done. Each one is different. Often they are made with scraps of interesting material – small pieces that are not much good for larger projects but are perfect for patchwork.

Making the bags gets easier each time. The bag on the left was more expensive than the others. It cost me two broken sewing machine needles when I was impatiently “driving” over the heavier parts.


I just finished the brown one today and am already wondering what the next bag will look like.

60 thoughts on “Return of the Bag Lady

  1. As a lucky recipient of one of these stunning bags last year, I can attest to the fact that the craftsmanship is outstanding! Thank you Anneli. I treasure mine!!

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    • They’re good for so many things. I just use mine as a purse because I always have so much to put in it – a wide wallet that doesn’t easily fit in many other bags, my sunglasses, the odd book, and always some unexpected items.


  2. I have a couple of bags I purchased from a woman here. They’re designed differently than yours — smaller, and more purselike — but they’re lovely, too. Yours are so colorful, and practical. It must be satisfying to create a bit of beauty you can tote around day in and day out.

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    • I have made what they call a Barbados bag. It’s smaller and has a lot of side pockets and zippers.It’s much more time consuming to make though, so I like to stick with the quicker tote bags. There are all sorts of bags to make though, each one different from the others. Nice that you’ve bought some.


    • I’m so glad to hear this. Imagine, the bags are traveling the world without me. Yours in the Czech Republic, one in the Chicago area, one in Vancouver, and three in the state of Washington. Soon there will be two in Montana. 14 bags so far.


  3. I love my two bags as well! They are so practical, not to mention BEAUTIFUL! I think one must have a lot of patience and be very detail oriented to make these as well as you do! Great as a purse or a shopping bag. 🙂 Love them.

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