The Nightgown Shapeshifters

Flannel on the clothesline

Sheds the dusty coat

Gathered in the fabric store,

All those tiny motes.

Filtered sunlight and a breeze

Scent of cedar from the trees.


Quickly! No one’s looking now.

Let them stand and wonder how

The seamstress waves her magic wand.

Of nightgowns she is very fond.

Scrunch together, stretch again,

And two new shapes, now remain.


Shapeshifters, you can take a bow,

And sleep in cozy dreamland  now.

32 thoughts on “The Nightgown Shapeshifters

  1. Marsha

    The nightgowns magically appear on the clothes line, abracadabra *. If it was that easy we’d all have a snoogy flannel nightgown, scented with cedar and fresh air. The poem is the perfect embellishment . LIKE IT, *****

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  2. reocochran

    This was written so cleverly and I loved the transformation! Anneli, my Mom liked to make homemade clothes. I learned how to sew and my best products were a skirt and jacket lined with the silky material, probably not silk. 🙂 such a long time ago. . .

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  3. reocochran

    Yes, we certainly were blessed and often I hem my pants since I am short and my girls could do it, they did sew projects for 4H and Girl Scouts, as well as at least one Home Ec class apiece, but I am the one who hems their pants and dresses, Anneli. Our mothers taught us much, not taken for granted, that is for sure. Love, Robin xo

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