Heron Junior

This not so great, “great blue heron” landed in the firs outside my house. I say he’s not so great only because I think he’s a juvenile. The adults have much more of a show of feathers. I’m guessing this one is a new chick from this spring. You can see an adult great blue heron in full plumage at the end of this post.







Someday Junior may look like this beauty.018a

28 thoughts on “Heron Junior

    • I had nothing to lean against and had the zoom on full, so it was hard to get it to come out clear, so it’s a bit fuzzy in places, but I’m happy that I got him to sit still long enough to get any kind of shot at all.


    • Well … one day when I was teaching a woman beginner piano lessons and she felt that her playing wasn’t good, she said afterwards, “You’ve got the patience of Job.” I presume that was a good thing…. But with the photos, I have a good zoom, and since I don’t know much about photography, I’m not expected to get perfect shots. I’m just happy when I get a new subject to zoom in on.

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