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Heron Junior


This not so great, “great blue heron” landed in the firs outside my house. I say he’s not so great only because I think he’s a juvenile. The adults have much more of a show of feathers. I’m guessing this one is a new chick from this spring. You can see an adult great blue heron in full plumage at the end of this post.







Someday Junior may look like this beauty.018a

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28 thoughts on “Heron Junior

  1. He is absolutely gorgeous!<3 Such a great capture, Anneli.

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  2. I love them too. I haven´t seen one this year yet. We always have a couple of them around this time. Maybe they are a bit late. Great pictures and a lovely blog!

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  3. Great pictures! We see the herons here, but I’ve never seen a juvenile. What a treat. 🙂

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  4. Different look with fir bows and pine cones surrounding the heron; love nature and your photography capturing it! Especially the adult in the shoreline. SQUAWK SQUAWK

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  5. It was getting near suppertime and he might have been looking for a place to roost for the night. During the daytime you’d mostly see them in the marshes, like in the last photo. And yes, they do have kind of an ugly squawk.

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  6. Love that posting!
    Have a wonderful week,

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    • I had nothing to lean against and had the zoom on full, so it was hard to get it to come out clear, so it’s a bit fuzzy in places, but I’m happy that I got him to sit still long enough to get any kind of shot at all.


  7. Let me just say: Wow! I don’t know how you manage to get these shots. You must have a deep reservoir of patience, Deep.

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    • Well … one day when I was teaching a woman beginner piano lessons and she felt that her playing wasn’t good, she said afterwards, “You’ve got the patience of Job.” I presume that was a good thing…. But with the photos, I have a good zoom, and since I don’t know much about photography, I’m not expected to get perfect shots. I’m just happy when I get a new subject to zoom in on.

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  8. great shot. they have such wonderful ranges of blue greys that are so lovely!

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  9. Very cute photos! You were lucky to have him visit!

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  10. Nice shots! I think you’re right about ‘junior’, he still has to grow into his adult feathers. I particularly like the last photograph.

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  11. Wonderful photos and great captions! 🙂

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  12. What wonderful photos. A few days ago I heard for the first time, the squawk of a blue heron. Not a pretty voice. But they are beautiful birds as adults.

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  13. I loved this GBH, Jr. ❤ Anneli, the photograph is superb and the contrast of the golden background really highlighted the feathers and subtle colors of this juvenile handsome bird.


  14. Thanks, Pam. We never know what we’ll see next in the firs around our house.

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