Sea Monster?

The slightest change of colour in foliage adds to the splendour of autumn. Here on the Similkameen River in southern British Columbia, the warmth of summer lingers as the leaves begin to change colour.dscn6480_edited-1


The clear waters allow us to see sticks and stones but they won’t break our bones … or will they? Emma sees a stick that threatens to turn into a sea monster. Will it break her bones?


Back legs ready for flight, she nevertheless lets her curiosity take over.


“What?” she asks. “You’ve never been scared by a stick before? … and I’ve got what on my face?” There’s no eggs around here.


33 thoughts on “Sea Monster?

  1. Ursula Kurz

    Its better to check it out careful first than beeing sorry later – very smart Emma-klein! She is so very pretty with all “her faces”!


  2. roughwighting

    Awwww, I love Emma. This post reminds me of the time our golden Henry, when still a pup (not quite a year old) found a stick on the path we were walking. Turns out the stick was a snake!! I never knew until that moment that dogs can scream (and jump higher than a kangaroo). Henry would not play with sticks again for months….

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    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      Oh, he’s lucky he didn’t get bitten. I’m hoping that if our dogs ever meet a snake (a rattler or something harmful) they will do the same – jump out of the way. My worry is that our dogs don’t mind snakes. At home we have garter snakes and the dogs like to “play” with them and bite them and roll on them. This is not good training for dogs in rattler country. I’m hoping that the cold nights have caused the snakes to den up for the winter.

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