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Water, Water Everywhere


As we got near the town of Hinsdale, Montana, I got my camera ready to take pictures of the Milk River, the tiny creek that flows under the highway there. It’s always such a picturesque sight and perhaps  I felt some affection for this coffee-with-cream coloured river because I’ve seen its northern reaches in Alberta.  But what a surprise to see the Milk River looking like one of our Great Lakes.dscn6647a

Past the bridge, the ditches were filled with water and the black cottonwoods that I love so much were soaking their feet in the muddy floodwaters.


Fields were flooded so high that the water nearly threatened to cross the highway at one point.


In the higher elevations the precipitation stuck to the hills as snow. Even this was unusual for early October, but I would rather see the moisture up there than flooding the fields.


In my next post I will show some of the devastation the flooding has caused.

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27 thoughts on “Water, Water Everywhere

  1. How sad it looks. Winter is just around the corner, not my favorite time of the year!

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  2. boy, glad you’re not stuck in that !

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  3. Living in a high traffic area, seeing the deserted stretch of road is rather eerie. Be safe!

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  4. Goodness, I hope the flooding didn’t cause too much damage.

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  5. The cottonwoods are a hardy group. It’s amazing to see how they survive the seasons that can be so harsh on their roots. Looks a little forlorn in that area of Montana right now.

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  6. Wicked weather. Nice shot of snow in the mountains though.

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  7. I heard they got a lot of precipitation over there during this last weather front, but I didn’t know it was that much! I get better news from you than from the local media!

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  8. Jill made a great point. It does look eerie. With all the talk of Hurricane Matthew, I didn’t know there was flooding in other places like Montana. 😦

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  9. Oh wow, why did it flood? Actually this would scare me. I keep thinking there is some place better to live in the US than where I live, but then there is always some potential problem like flooding, hurricanes, fires, mosquitoes, etc.

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  10. Mother Nature doing her thing, and that, we mere humans cannot control.

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  11. Love your passion for the story. You made me feel like I was with you.

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  12. Sturdy black cottonwoods, with golden foliage, always to admire. We have snow covering Comox Glacier and two mornings of frost. Thought you would be in big sky country, taking photos of the full moon against the Montana mountains!
    Remember Van Morrison’s ” Well its’ a marvelous night for a moondance”. That’s what I thought you would be taking photos of; not the floods – leftover hurricane?


  13. It was too cold to be out taking pictures of the moon! A cold front swept down from … probably Alaska, and dumped snow all over Alberta and rain and snow farther south. Luckily we are to the east of the flooding but driving through the affected areas was sure an eye-opener.


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