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American Paint Takes a Nap

“Is that a rock or a horse lying down out there?” the Captain asked.

I zoomed in with my camera for a better look. “I think it’s a horse.”

“Get your camera ready and I’ll whistle. If it’s a rock, it won’t move.”

Up came the head just enough for me to know it wasn’t a rock.

“What’re YOU looking at?” it seemed to say.


“What’s up? I was having such a good nap.”dscn6956

“Oh bother. Now I have to get up and make sure I don’t miss anything. It could be people with carrots.”dscn6957

“Stretch those legs. First to the back….”dscn6958“Then to the front….”
dscn6959“Oh phooey! No carrots. Just another tourist with a camera.”dscn6960

“Guess I’ll just have to eat ‘wee-heehee-heeds,'”dscn6975