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Harris’s Sparrow


Where could she be? … What in blazes is keeping her so long? dscn6806I’m sure I told her to meet me at this thorny bush next to the Russian olive trees.
dscn6808It’s darned breezy sitting up here waiting for her.dscn6811

WHO in blazes is THAT she bringing over? NOT that DANDY! Doesn’t she know he’s a real birdbrain?dscn6809

Well, what can you do? She’ll get over her little infatuation in a while. But should I hang around for her? I didn’t know she was so flighty. I suppose I’ll have to fly south without her by my side. Maybe she’ll be over him “By the time I get to Phoenix.” (Thank you, Jimmy Webb.)dscn6807a

Author: wordsfromanneli

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15 thoughts on “Harris’s Sparrow

  1. pretty bird Annali, and a great shot! these guys don’t sit still!

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  2. Such a chunky little fella…too cute!

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  3. I didn´t know that sparrows are travelling so far. I feel sad for him to have to do this travel without her! I love your fantasy!

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  4. Wonderful little bird. I particularly like the last photo!

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  5. TY. I’ve been using it as a desktop background.


  6. I loved this post, as you seem to be an animal and bird “whisperer!” 😉

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  7. Haha.Wouldn’t that be nice?


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