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Ciabatta Bread


Even in the trailer for this road trip, when I wasn’t going to be doing much “domesticating,” I ended up baking bread. At home, I bake different kinds of bread but I wasn’t prepared to do that much work while on holiday. Still, a craving for that home-baked flavour grew until it could no longer be ignored. I found an easy solution. Ciabatta bread.

The oven in the trailer is not very big and had never been used. I could see why. If the bread rose very much it would bake onto the ceiling of the oven. It was chilly in the trailer too–tolerable but not ideal for dough to rise. Since ciabatta dough doesn’t need it to be toasty warm, just barely room temperature, and I had few ingredients, I decided that it was the perfect bread to try. It didn’t rise really high as a free-form loaf in the wide pan. Turned out perfect. The hardest part was lighting the gas oven without blowing up the trailer.dscn7110

Desperation recipe for ciabatta bread:

Remember that I faked and fudged it.

4 cups white flour

1 tsp. salt

1 tsp. fast rising yeast

2 cups warm water

Stir until it forms a wet dough. Cover and set in a “warmish” place overnight.

In the morning, butter the baking pan and flop the dough into it, roughly shaping it into a loaf. Let it sit for an hour or two. Bake at 350 or 375 for about 40 minutes or until it is golden brown.

Cut off the heel tap and give it to the Captain. Cut another slice to give to your friend in the next RV rig.

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19 thoughts on “Ciabatta Bread

  1. Looks wonderful. Salivating. Need butter and knife.

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  2. That’s the kind of bread you want to tear with your hands 🙂

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  3. Sure looks good to me!

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  4. Very resourceful, the results look excellent!

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  5. Lovely oven, wonderful bread and what a smell – hmmmm

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  6. Mmmm…comfort food! A little balsamic and a little olive oil, and a good glass of wine. You are all set! The bread looks very delicious!

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  7. Looks delish!

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  8. Yummy! This is such a great recipe and sounds like even I the non-baker in my family could do this!! Thanks, Anneli. 🙂

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