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Montana Sunsets


“Come out of the trailer and see this amazing sunset!”

I scrambled for the camera and snapped up the sky quickly. I had learned that sunsets change from minute to minute. The neighbouring rig was in the photo but if I cropped him out I would lose some of that glorious sky.dscn7060_edited-1 dscn7061_edited-1These amazing sunsets and some of the sunrises are something I will miss when we go back home where hills take up more of the sky than the prairies do.


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24 thoughts on “Montana Sunsets

  1. Beautiful colors! I love the photo with all the trees silhouetted against the evening sky. Have a safe trip back to BC.

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  2. How beautiful!!! And so much nicer than in Phoenix where beautiful sunsets and sunrises are from air pollution LOL!

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  3. Beautiful!

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  4. That was a pretty one all right!

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  5. A beautiful “good-by-prairies” picture!

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  6. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. I love being swept up in a good sunset. It’s like looking at a sky full of stars – the colors and immensity of the sky remind us how small (and inconsequential) we are.
    Glad you’re home safe and sound. Bet the time away went by waaaaaay too fast.

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  7. Mother Nature never fails to impress when it comes to colours! Fabulous shots!

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  8. Amazing, blazing sunset. Another award winning photograph

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