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Old Church


This old church stands on a bit of a rise at the side of the highway in a small, very small, Montana town. Isn’t it interesting how churches are often on a hill? I think there are three reasons for this: It can be seen by all and act as a reminder to come to church, the church can be seen as reaching towards God, and the nearby cemetery  is always well above the high water mark. dscn7040

The building is in the process of being restored. Some of the windows are boarded up where the panes have been broken. The main roof has a new skin of steel over it, but you can still see the original asphalt shingles on the steeple roof.

I wondered if the building was empty, so I put my camera up to one of the windows and took the photo below.

dscn7045Then it occurred to me that it was a church and the doors should always be open, so I went inside. The eight pews inside would hold 64 people if you squeezed in eight to a row, but more likely six to a row would be more comfortable for a maximum of 48 people. dscn7046In the back the piano still sits there. I was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t an organ, even the old style of foot pedal organ, but at least they had music. The next thing I noticed was the very uncomfortable chair the pianist would have to use.

Not pictured, at the back of the room, some hymnals were boxed up, and I saw mention of the word Pentecostal. Maybe the denomination of the church was Pentecostal.

I’m not a churchgoer, but for the sake of tradition and culture, I’m glad this building is being preserved.

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18 thoughts on “Old Church

  1. I’m glad it’s being preserved too, Anneli.

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  2. Love these photos Anneli. Last Sunday I attended the Lutheran Church in Olympia and there was the “Blessing of the Quilts”. Every pew was draped with a gorgeous quilt made by the ladies of the church. Hundreds! They were blessed and will be sent to those in need in many countries.

    Hopefully the dear, small , church will be restored and embraced by the community once again.

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  3. I’m also glad to see that the old church is being cared for. Also that some of the old traditions are still in place!

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  4. That’s a charming little church, so glad they’re restoring it. I would definitely be bringing a cushion. Whether for the chair or the pew. 🙂

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  5. What an amazing find out in the middle of nowhere! It reminds me of a church you’d find on “The Little House on the Prairie”. 🙂 Do I have to ask if you sat down and tried to play a tune on the piano? I definitely would, but that piano looks quite forlorn and lonely. 😦 So glad someone has decided to refurbish the church and bring it back to its original beauty.


  6. Nice shots of a lovely old building.

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  7. We need our traditions, and our churches are one of them. But the times are changing, some are losing their faith, and every year Europe is getting more and more people with another faith. They are sometimes buying churches, for transformation.

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    • I’m not a churchgoer, as I’ve mentioned before, but I do believe it’s important to keep up the traditions our culture was built on. I know the problem you’re talking about and you have to fight for your own culture or you’ll lose it.


  8. Another wonderful entry. I have a tendency to stop and take pictures of old or unique churches. I’m sure this church could tell many stories if only we had time to stop and listen. I’m glad you took the time to take a few pics.

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  9. I love old churches. This one looked like it was in the middle of nowhere. I’ve always wondered, when I see such a remote church, who attends one so far away from civilization. Great photos.

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  10. Good to see this. and the word of god is true, For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them. Matthew 18:20


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