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Pipeline or Railway?

When I see a long, long train of tankers carrying crude oil, I have the pipeline vs. railway argument with myself all over again. You can see that this train is in town. It stayed there for days.


Right in the middle of the busy traffic area in town, this train and its load of oil products sat. Maybe it was empty, but I still wouldn’t have wanted to throw in a match.dscn6836a

When I have to stop at a railway crossing for one of these long fuel trains, I hope that this is not the time it will derail and barbecue me.dscn6884aCan you imagine if in the three or four days that this train sat without budging right in the middle of town, something had gone wrong — maybe a second train coming on the wrong track — what a disaster that could be? dscn6842a

I thought of the poor victims at Lac Megantic and wondered if maybe a pipeline really is a better solution. I don’t know, but these trains worry me.