Who Needs Halloween Horror?

Just home from a 26-day trip, I had laundry to do. Too much to hang on the drying rack in front of the fire, and the outside clothesline was not an option in the rain. I would use the dryer.  I opened the dryer door and out fell my Halloween spook, a giant house spider, very much alive and probably a bit surprised to have been discovered. I presume that he crawled up the hose from the outside of the house and thought, “Aha! No one is home, so this is a perfect hangout for me.”


These spiders look almost identical to the hobo spider which can do some damage if they bite you, but apparently the common giant house spider is harmless and will even kill the hobo spiders.


I’m sorry I killed it, but it’s a reflex when I see a spider.

I just can’t take the time to catch them in a jar and turn them over to inspect their undersides with a magnifying glass (more trauma, up close) to see if it has a tiny circle of dots on the abdomen that would identify them as only a giant house spider, not a hobo spider. To me they are both terrifying to look at; and it’s even more terrifying to imagine them in my laundry.


I felt guilty killing it. My mother always said not to kill spiders. She would sweep them into a dustpan with a tissue or just her hand (shudderzzzzz!!!!) and put them outside … so they could go and scare someone else  do some good.

I don’t need to go out on Halloween to get my scare. I can just stay home and do laundry.

19 thoughts on “Who Needs Halloween Horror?

  1. Lori

    OMG, I am petrified of spiders. I probably have written about this on my blog once or twice. I’m even too afraid to kill them. What if I miss and they come after me? AAAAACCCKK. Most of the time I spray them with something first. Anything will do. Usually household cleaner to slow them down before I can actually whack them. Here’s the really stupid part. I always apologize before and after I do it. I tell them I’m sorry that I let my fear get to me. I definitely have arachnophobia. 😦

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  2. reocochran

    I capture spiders in my first floor one bedroom apartment and release them into the hall, but if bigger, will take in a cup to the door and drop outside, Anneli. So funny, since I had a spider guest on my post yesterday or the day before! 🙂
    I do think I am rare since when I was away at G. Scout camp, I was designated the spider remover. Never was worried about them biting me.

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