Edible Chestnuts

About 36 years ago, on a snowy winter evening in the city of Courtenay, BC, the Captain and I walked through the downtown area. It must have been a Friday night because the stores were open late. Nearly Christmas, they had Christmas carols pouring out of the speakers on some of the street corners. It was all very festive and the best part was that someone had a 45-gallon drum set up with a charcoal barbecue, roasting chestnuts. He had a bit of an accent that lent some old-time culture to the scene.

“Get your hot a-rrroasted a-chestnuts. Hot a-rrroasted a-chestnuts,” he called.

I was so cold, and when the Captain presented me with a newspaper cone of these hot a-rrroasted a-chestnuts, they warmed me right from my stomach to my heart. They were the best chestnuts I’d ever eaten.

I decided to plant two Italian chestnut trees – the edible kind. They had little chestnuts – too tiny to eat that first year – and each year they got bigger. But the trees have wide-spreading branches, and between the windstorms and the heavy snowfalls we had once or twice, the branches broke and the trees were beyond saving.

I love this photo I took in the early days. It reminds me of those few chestnuts those trees provided in the fall, and of that fine winter day with the hot a-rrroasted a-chestnuts.


28 thoughts on “Edible Chestnuts

  1. Sonja Forrester

    I don’t believe I’ve ever tried roasted chestnuts, but from the comments on this post, I may give it a whirl. Love the color of the chestnuts in your photo.

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  2. Hans Susser

    When I was a kid there was a huge chestnut tree just outside our village (Gechingen) My friends and I went there to pick the chestnuts of the floor, then build a “Lagerfeuer” and roasted them, more for the adventure than the nuts, which, as far as I can remember, tasted pretty awesome too 🙂
    Memories ……… 🙂

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  3. roughwighting

    I tasted a roasted chestnut once on a NY City street on a cold December day. It must have been burned, not roasted, because it left a bitter taste in my mouth that didn’t leave for days. I like your romantic memories of roasted chestnuts MUCH BETTER!!!

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  4. reocochran

    Oh, Anneli. I haven’t had roasted chestnuts so this would be a real treat! I liked the photo of how shiny and pretty they look once they come out of their protective, spiny shell. I have had paper cones of sugared walnuts and cinnamon spiced warm pecans but these sound delicious with no extra seasoning! 🙂

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