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He’s Ba-ack!


Same tree, same kind of bird, and I would wager it’s THE same bird. He was here in July and now he’s back to one of his favourite restaurants, an old maple that has a lot of dying branches. The bark is probably loaded in bugs and grubs that will fill this bird’s belly.

When I did a post about him in July, I had no idea what kind of bird it was, but with the help of my followers, we narrowed it down to a red-breasted sapsucker.

Just like on his previous visit, he was not at all shy and let me take many pictures. I needed to do this because he moved so fast, pecking at the tree bark, that most of my photos were blurry. Here is one from when he held still for a split second.                                           dscn7491It’s hard to tell from the photo but he is about the size of a robin.

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35 thoughts on “He’s Ba-ack!

  1. Hi Anneli,
    What a lovely photo! I should be seeing some of these lovely birds on the dike in Steveston soon.

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  2. Wow! What a beautiful bird. Great shot, Anneli!

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  3. Beautiful photo Anneli!!! Put it on your wall. 🇨🇦❤️

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  4. That’s really a bright red! His head is the same shade of red as the male Downey, and his breast feathers remind me of the finches.

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  5. Gorgeous ! He has his eye on you Anneli:)

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  6. Wonderful photo. It’s nice to get a return visitor!

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  7. Award winning photo of a ? Woodpecker. Red as a cardinal

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  8. Beautiful birds and fun to watch them. It’s nice for you that you have him back! Love this picture, just perfect!!

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  9. What a glorious photo and a glorious bird!!!! You are the bird photographer maven!

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  10. I really like this repeat bird with his new photo shoot, Anneli! So cute and glad to know the red-headed sapsucker is the same size of a robin, too.

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  11. What an amazing capture! (via camera, of course). Gorgeous woodpecker. We have a family of them who absolutely love our suet feeder, which hangs outside our bedroom window. I love watching them peck away.

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  12. He is beautiful! I’ve never seen one before. As I attempt to take a lot of bird pictures myself (hence, my bird butt collection), I know how satisfying it is to get a beautiful shot like this one. Great photo of a beautiful bird.

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  13. A beautiful bird! He is about the size of our Downey Woodpecker.


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