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High Boats


The boat that brings in the most fish is “high boat” for the day. But here in this photo, are many high boats. The wharf is in a back eddy of the river near the estuary, in an area locally referred to as the slough.The tide is almost as high as the road and as we drove along beside the floats, the boats seemed to be level with the road. Normally you would only see the masts and trolling poles as you drive by.

I took the picture from inside the car. It was too miserable to step outside.

You can see the long black snake of tubing at the edge of the road. Whatever is in that long bag of something is meant to stop the river from backing up over the road. The area is no stranger to flooding.dscn7555

I have rarely seen the boats so high that they are almost on street level. The Comox Valley has seen a lot of flooding this fall. A combination of high tide, heavy outflow from the flooding river, and gale-force southeast winds backing up the tide are responsible for this odd situation. It’s really unusual to have so much wind and rain so early and so frequent. It’s just one system after another.


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27 thoughts on “High Boats

  1. Seeing those boats resting at nearly ground level is an unusual sight.

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  2. Nature. Beautiful. Giving. Taking. Scary.

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  3. Like the picture, but not the flooding.

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  4. I like the colors of the boats but do worry for the high waters, hoping not to flood or overtake bridges and roads. The turquoise boat and lemon yellow one really were pretty, Anneli. 🙂

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  5. I guess things will be okay as long as the boats remain almost level with the road and not actually on top of it! 🙂

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  6. I’m hoping things dry up for you a bit, Anneli. We’ve the opposite, no rain for over a month.

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    • Seems we are sliding into climate change. We never used to have droughts all summer and rains all winter. There used to be a bit of change, and now it’s too much of a good thing. Too much sunshine in the summer and too much rain in the winter. It’s all or nothing. Another screaming storm last night. Dogs were all freaked out.

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  7. You’re on high ground, yes?


  8. It looks like the boats are soon on the road – not funny at all. Maybe some snow for a while instead of rain? I wish you sun instead!

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  9. I hope the waters recede and you get some sun!

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  10. Never have I seen this before, all the conditions at their maximum.

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  11. Those boats look almost higher than your level. Wow. I wanted to enter you contest, but then all this book promotion came up. It’s hard! 😛

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  12. I want to strangle her, so you did a good job of making the reader FEEL something.


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