Being Thankful

Susie Lindau has invited fellow bloggers to a hashtag party called the #Blessed Project.

Click on this link to join Susie at her party!

My contribution to this blog party is probably much like many other people’s, but it never hurts to say it out loud how thankful we are for our blessings.

I am thankful for:

  1. my husband and our relatively good health. Without it, all the money in the world is worthless.









2. my wonderful family – both on my side and the Captain’s.




3. my dogs, Emma and Ruby, who are as much a part of the family as the people are.










4. readers of my novels. I love writing and it’s great to be able to share my stories.


5. having enough food to eat and clean water to drink.




6. The list could go on for miles. Besides the usual family, health, and food and shelter blessings, I am lucky to live near the ocean and yet travel to inland places I love.





7. I am lucky to be able to see wildlife close to home, especially birds, raccoons, and squirrels. Bears, not so much, although it’s a thrill to see them occasionally.

visiting buck017a



8. I feel blessed to have good personal friends and blogging friends.

9. I love living in Canada and visiting the United States.









10. I should round it off at ten things, but there is too much competition for which blessing should be the last one I’ll mention.

Thank you, Susie, for this great idea. It makes us think of positive things at a time when most of us are getting stressed over the pressures of the upcoming holiday season. It should be a holiday, but someone has to make those cookies, cook those meals, buy those gifts, decorate the house, etc. So when the crush of “have to’s” is getting us down, let’s remember how truly blessed we are.

37 thoughts on “Being Thankful

  1. Dawn

    “Positively” lovely blog Anneli. One of your very best, I think. Love all the photos and that no one has aged a bit.
    Blessed to be your dear sis-in-law and enjoy some of that gorgeous baking.

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  2. Ursula Kurz

    I agree with you, we can´t be thankful enough! I recognized baby Nicky with you on the Chown River. We were so young and pretty then (but still are in a way).

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  3. Joanna (Lazuli Portals Trilogy)

    I have been trying to remember to do this each day, Anneli – to remember I am free, not imprisoned or persecuted for my beliefs; to acknowledge the gift of valued relationships, a warm home, plentiful food and water, health care, etc., and a few specifics such as great blogging pals, the motivation and ability to write stories, and the opportunitie to look out of my window and see the broad expanse of pale sky above the trees as their colours turn. 🙂

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    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      We really are so lucky. Often we get bogged down with life’s trivia and sometimes things not so trivial, but if we take a moment to think about those things you mentioned, we really can count our lucky stars!

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  4. roughwighting

    Well, I didn’t get here until after the busy harried holiday, but the blessings you list are all year long, and beautiful blessings indeed. I am so thankful that I’ve found you here through our blogs, and of our blogging friendship. xo

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  5. angelanoelauthor

    Hi! Susie sent me from the #Blessed project and I love your list and photos! Thanks for sharing. I hopped around and saw your writing contest. How often do you do this kind of thing, it looks fun!


      1. Al

        Absolutely! To a fault, actually (according to my wife). She pointed out one day that I always kiss them first when arriving home. Couldn’t refute it! That cost me a trip to the jeweler. (Just kidding about the jeweler).

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  7. Miriam

    Wonderful list of blessings, I can relate so much. It’s often the simple everyday things that are the most precious. And to top it off, you live in Canada which is right up the top of my wonder lusting travel list. :)Thanks for sharing your life and blessings!

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