Remember the song, “Anticipation” sung by Carly Simon? Well, I couldn’t get the lyrics out of my head with all this rain and flooding. Maybe my brain got waterlogged. But the words came out all twisted:

We can never know how much rain will come
But we put up with it anyway, yay
And I wonder if I really got soaked right now
Or if I’m still wet from the other day

Precipitation, precipitation
Is makin’ me wade
Is keepin’ me wadin’

And I tell you how easily it fills a swimming pool
And how wet your arms feel around me
But I, I cursed that rain ’til late last night
When I was thinkin’ about how dry tonight could be

Precipitation, precipitation
Is makin’ me wade
Is keepin’ me wadin’

And tomorrow we might have stormy weather
I’m no prophet and I don’t know nature’s ways
So I’ll try and check the weather forecast now
And stay inside ’cause this is a drier place

(This is a drier place)
And stay right here ’cause this is a drier place
(This is a drier place)
(This is a drier place)
(This is a drier place)
(This is … a drier place)

My sincerest apologies to Carly. I always liked that song (Anticipation). Luckily, the precipitation turned into snow up in the hills and it’s not too bad.


Later in the evening, the sun came out and shone on the clouds that would bring the next dump of rain/snow on us



At least we had a break in the weather for a few hours. Now we wait for the next precipitation with anticipation.

30 thoughts on “Precipitation

    • It was quite chilly at our lower elevations last night because of a rare clear sky, but now it’s clouded over again so I expect we’ll get more rain and the hills will get more snow. I like how the hills look with snow on them. I hope it stays there. You’ve had amazingly “warmish” weather for this time of year.

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  1. I watched a really interesting program about her recently on a show called The Big Interview with Dan Rather. I learned lots I never knew about her life and career and it was shot at her beautiful home in Martha’s Vineyard. Like you, she has become quite the photographer too, specializing in peonies. Guess which song is stuck in my head now!

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  2. Love the new lyrics to Carly’s song, and, like Juanita, the song is stuck in my head now!! I need a brain eraser! The sunset photos are gorgeous, and I hope this is the end of all this rain. My gumboots have come in very handy this season. Nice to see the fresh snow on the hills.

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  3. Cute play on words with the song, Anneli. Any sunshine yet? We were blessed with mild weather up to a week ago. That’s when it turned dreary, damp and misty. Supposed to get even colder and have flurries by the end of the week. Stay warm and dry.

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  4. Guess what I’m singing in my head now? We ‘anticipated’ quite a lot of ‘precipitation’ yesterday and got it – in buckets. I’m now on the way to the SF bay area and hoping for days of sunshine. Your song, and photos, are fabulous.

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