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We Must be Crazy


The weather has been crazy here for two months. Rain and wind, wind and rain, repeating ad nauseam. Ruby, our springer spaniel is a brave dog, unless it’s windy. Objects without wings flying around, lawn chairs sliding across the deck, branches dropping out of the sky –  these things freak her out.

She won’t move farther than two feet from me. I have to do my hair curling leaning over her as she plunks herself down on the mat in front of my feet and won’t budge. I move over a few feet and so does she. It drives me crazy.

Emma is still too naive to be afraid, so when they are outside doing their business, Emma comes back when I call her. Ruby could be anywhere, cowering, or standing stiff-legged and catatonic until she is dragged back into the house where she drives me crazy with her anxious panting.

The other day it was blowing hard and the rain was coming down in buckets.003a














The roar of the wind and crashing waves on the beach added to the whooshing of the wind through the tall firs by our house. 


In the morning, I had put the dogs out while I had a shower. I looked out the bathroom window just before stepping into the shower, and the dogs were by the kennel. The door had blown shut on it so they couldn’t get in. They have mats by the back door in the covered area outside the laundry room, but Ruby hides in her doghouse in the kennel if it’s cold or windy.

After my shower I called the dogs. Emma came in, but Ruby didn’t. I had to go out in my bathrobe and a towel on my head to find her. She was huddled against the kennel. I called for her to come. Halfway over to me, she stopped and wouldn’t come any farther. It wasn’t the turban on my head that freaked her out. She goes neurotic when it’s windy. That’s why I brought the leash out with me. I hooked her on and pulled her into the house.
I have to add a note here to explain that the Captain slipped on the boat deck a couple of weeks ago and broke his leg, so he has a big bolt through the bone and is not to put any weight on the bad leg.
When I came in, the Captain was on the phone, so I went upstairs to deal with my hair. When I turned off the blow dryer, I heard him yelling my name. It sounded like he was outside in the weather in the backyard. Something must be wrong. I ran downstairs.
He limped in from outside on his crutches, and said, “I didn’t know where you were. I knew you went to get Ruby and then you were gone.” Guess he thought I might have blown away – it was pretty wild out there.  (It hadn’t registered with him that I came back in, made a comment about Ruby and having to use the leash, and then went upstairs.)
Apparently he called me before going out. But I had the hair dryer on and didn’t hear him, and he didn’t hear the sound of the blow dryer. Probably thought it was the wind.
Imagine if anyone had seen us – first me in my bathrobe and a turban on my head dragging a dog across the yard. Moments later, a guy on one leg hobbling around in the storm screaming his wife’s name. What a bunch of nuts!

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36 thoughts on “We Must be Crazy

  1. Sounds like a perfectly good life! ❤️

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  2. I think we’ve all had those nutty moments. Any body passing by would just be thinking “Been there, done that.” 🙂

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  3. Could have been Mary and me. Well, not that I have a broken leg, but there will be somestories to tell re our road trip soon. Speedy recovery to the captain!
    Have a great time, eben if it’s windy,

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  4. LOL! What a story. Crazy weather can make us act crazy sometimes. By the way, I love your new picture…very pretty!

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  5. Funny now, but I’m sure it wasn’t at the time!

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  6. I’m sorry for the Captain! I guess it’s better now than in the fishing season.

    Seems like we are getting your weather when you are through with it. We’ve had heavy snow flurries today with wind and the temperature is dropping fast. Indeed very crazy weather. They say we are headed into single digits for the next few days now.

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    • Haha! You mean FLY fishing season, right? Never mind commercial fishing. Although that would be bad (normally), but I’m hoping he’ll slide into retirement. But the worst thing would be if it had interfered with our Montana trip. That would have been really terrible. It looks like this cold front is covering the whole western half of the northern part of the continent. It’s chilly out there tonight and they’re calling for snow. (Maybe if they stopped calling, it wouldn’t feel it had to come!)

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  7. Poor Ruby! Poor Captain! Poor you! Emma has her hands full!

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  8. Such a photo op! Bought chocolate for the Captain today, comfort to the max.

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  9. Poor Ruby, poor you. Hope the weather calms down and wishing a speedy recovery to your mate!

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  10. I can picture that exactly in my head! I take the dogs out early in the morning (before 5) and sometimes I like to kid myself that none of my neighbors are up that time of day and see how I’m dressed! It is raining cats and dogs here as well as plenty of thunder and lightning to join along. The wind can howl louder than the dogs sometimes do at my house!

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  11. I had to laugh out loud and could see the whole scene in front of me. But I guess you didn´t have so much fun then. Thanks for sharing this little story!

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  12. Oh my, poor Ruby. It makes me crazy when my dog(s) get afraid of something, but only because I don’t know what to do to help them get over their fear. My heart breaks seeing them so scared. BTW, it would’ve really been funny if your turban blew off. LOL. Wasn’t it cold to go out there in a robe? I hope the Captain has a quick recovery. After my husband’s accident, I feel for you both.

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    • Yes, it was too cold! But I wanted to get the dogs inside for that very reason. I kind of thought you would understand the way it works with a husband needing help. Thanks for your empathy. Things are getting better every day.

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  13. You’re right! It would all have looked wonderfully dramatic to anybody who happened to be passing by at the time. 🙂

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  14. I laughed so hard at this, Anneli! 😀 😀
    You painted quite a big, crazy picture and the silly “scared cats” dog, wild rain and wind, as well as you and the Captain as neighbors got me giggling again. 🙂

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  15. This was a really hilarious post, just read it to my Mom who laughed out loud, thank you again for writing this!

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